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Henry Golding Condemns Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia's Anti-black Remarks

Henry Golding recently responded to former Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James's extremely hateful and racist remarks about protestors and Black people in general in America. Her original IG stories where she exposed herself as a racist again (she already exposed herself back in 2017, warning for hateful speech and she also starts hitting someone at the end):

[tw: heavy anti-black language and ideology]

Golding posted on his Instagram story:

"Ok this isn’t going to make a lot of sense to the majority of you, but this is predominately for my malaysian followers as there are some statements made by a former “Miss Universe Malaysia” (the receipts are all online, I’m not going to repost them here because they are far too ignorant) I want to address.

I usually try to keep a cool head when it comes to these things, but reading your comments @samanthakayty Infuriated me. You have zero idea what black people have to go through on a day to day bases. For you to be talking such racist shit on a platform like yours needs to be called out.

The majority of us will never truly be able to understand what the black community go through every single day, but one thing for sure you can do is lend a voice.

To teach people and educate them on opening their eyes to what’s under the veil. It is hundreds of years of oppression and injustices kept in place by money and power from people such as your self. Ignorant, selfish people.

Malaysia itself has gone through so much in the past few years. The protests of Bersih, people putting their lives on the line to be heard, is just one instance. If you were part of that movement then please understand where the #BlackLivesMatter protests come from. We need to keep progressing Malaysia forward by starting with ourselves.

I’m sure as hell not going to stand idly by as some two bit “celeb” in Malaysia spouts some horrible shit. I’m not going to let people have the wrong idea of what’s really happening. In a country like Malaysia that has a history of the such, that we are trying so hard to move on from.

Love one another. One Malaysia, one world.


James has since lost her blue tick verification on Instagram and posted an apology which no one is buying. The Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) has distanced itself from her and Malaysian makeup brand Velvet Vanity Cosmetics has cut ties with James.

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