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Cannes would-have-been lineup announced

The Cannes Films Festival announced what would have been its lineup today, allowing each film selected to stick the festival logo on their films.

The 56 films are seperated into sections: The Faithful, New Venues, A Sketches Film, The First Movies, 3 Documentaries, 5 Comedies, and 4 Animated.

Here's just a few of the films selected:

THE FRENCH DISPATCH -- Wes Anderson (2nd film at Cannes)
SUMMER 85 -- François Ozon (4th film at Cannes)
LOVERS ROCK & MANGROVE -- Steve McQueen (2nd and 3rd films at Cannes)
PENINSULA -- Yeon Sang-Ho (2nd film at Cannes)
ASA GA KURU (True Mothers) -- Naomi Kawase (8th film at Cannes)
AMMONITE -- Francis Lee (1st film at Cannes)
FALLING -- Viggo Mortensen (directorial debut, 1st film at Cannes)
AYA TO MAJO (Earwig and the Witch) -- Gorô Miyazaki (1st film at Cannes)
SOUL -- Pete Docter (3rd film at Cannes)

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