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How ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3 Killed Eve’s Momentum

  • While seasons one and two of Killing Eve focused on the cat and mouse game and mutual obsession between possible psychopath agent Eve and psychopathic assassin Villanelle, season three sidelined Eve to supporting player and focused on Villanelle exclusively.

  • As "Oh and Comer barely had to share the screen for their electricity to crackle through it," season three put that to the test with Villanelle having her own motivations outside of Eve. However showrunner Suzanne Heathcoate didn't know what to do with Eve, and shoved her to the back.

  • Turning Killing Eve into The Villanelle Show, which allegedly has more promise, essentially killed Eve. Fans noticed a shift in promotion, with the official show accounts focusing on Villanelle and Jodie Comer and ignoring Sandra Oh and Eve.

  • "[Sandra] Oh’s performance is still a thrill to watch, but this season, she’s stuck with a remix of Eve’s greatest hits while [Jodie] Comer gets a splashy showcase of new sides to play."

  • By the time the finale came around, the obsession was no longer mutual and seemed one-sided on Eve's end since Villanelle had more story. For the show to go back to its former glory, it will need to re-center Eve and the Eve/Villanelle relationship.

  • The GOOD news is that the season four showrunner is Laura Neal, who wrote the two Eve-centric and VillanEve centered episodes this season.

ONTD, have you ever sidelined your Asian critically acclaimed and award winning lead actress to prop up her white costar?

Fyi, some of y'all don't need to come into a post talking about the sidelining of an Asian actress on her own show to talk about how you think the show sucks now, read the room.

Tags: killing eve (bbc/amc), pr training needed, race / racism, sandra oh

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