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MCR's Ray Toro and Frank Iero Show Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

Ray Toro broke his frequent Twitter silence yesterday to tweet some BLM support


  • He expresses sympathies for Floyd's family

  • "What the world watched was not just murder, it was lynching"

  • Says polices officers need to be punished to fullest extent of the law

  • "As a parent I can't imagine the pain" (....he's not wrong?)

  • Says to people making false equivalences, that protests and looting are not the same and people are taking advantage of the situation. But also that criticizing protestors for violent outbursts is not it -- that police using excessive force with protestors should also be acknowledged.

  • No word on whether or not any donations have been made

Alternatively, Frank Iero, after posting a tweet of BLM hashtags on May 31st, tweeted the Black Lives Matter carrd about eight hours ago

OP: A fan, who would know better than me tbh, claims that because Frank is on a FBI watchlist so he can't say much which. I have no idea, stans are doing a lot today. Also, I know I saw one of the brothers posted a black box but uh.

Sources: twitter 1, 2
Note: sorry mods, im built like a bird! LOL
Tags: celebrity social media, my chemical romance, race / racism

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