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Celebs React to LAPD Chief Blaming Protestors For George Floyd's Death

During a press conference earlier tonight, LA Chief of Police Michel Moore blamed George Floyd's death on protestors. Specifically, he stated:

"His death is on their hands, as much as it is on those officers. And that is a strong statement." (Timestamp in the video is 15:50.)

LAPD's resident ventriloquist dummy, Mayor Eric Garcetti, was quick to Swiffer the mess a whole two to three hours later. But Twitter was not content with the "clarification", and Garcetti was instead met with hundreds of responses urging him to fire Moore as well as calling for Garcetti's own resignation:

*Conover is referring to Garcetti's city budget proposal, in which the LAPD would receive 53.8% of general funds, aka $1,857,330,549 - and more than being given to the fire department, Office of Emergency Management, Department of Transportation, Bureau of Street Services, and the Housing and Community Investment Agency combined.

(Garcetti also punitively closed Los Angeles COVID-19 testing centers this weekend as a reaction to citywide racial justice protests. Because he's a bootlicking piece of shit.)

The Los Angeles Times quickly scrubbed the original headline from their Twitter account, quick to replace it with the Garcetti-sanctioned version like the loyal teacup puppies they are. Luckily, screencapping technology exists.

(LA Times clearly didn't consider that option, too busy reblogging the same headline about Floyd's brother """condemning""" protests, sandwiched between posts about which restaurants are now open and which Beverly Hills properties are getting the biggest offers.)

For those in Los Angeles keeping score during their newly reinstated anti-racism protest curfew (unrelated to the highly-contagious-respiratory-pandemic lockdown, which ended before any vaccine was available, but conveniently just in time to spend money on summer brunches), in just the past week, Mayor Garcetti has:

-ended quarantine and reopened early with no warning to the businesses affected

-stressed to LA citizens that health code restrictions would be lax to "speed up" said early reopening (despite a track record of cracking down on mostly minority owned street carts and food trucks for failing to obtain said health code permits)

-ordered the National Guard into Los Angeles after protestors made it to Beverly Hills (which, along with other wealthy neighborhoods and business districts, has been on strict police watch since their initial protests)

-punitively closed Los Angeles COVID-19 test centers as a reaction to the protests; when asked the reason for the closures, Garcetti replied, "We are not going to stand for the burning of police cars. (Making things worse, the cop car in question - which was in, of course, Beverly Hills - has been suspected by many as a set-up by the LAPD.)

-has not only enstated strict curfews county-wide as an effort to silence protestors but deliberately tried to confuse residents by sending multiple emergency alerts contradicting curfew times, then offered no apology after """clarifying""" on Twitter

-blamed protestors for the curfew and concern-trolled them for "costing" service workers "their paychecks" at said early reopened restaurants (the rent freeze that the landlord-filled LA City Council smacked down months ago during LA's first lockdown surely would have assisted with financial hardship, but okay)

-turned UCLA's Jackie Robinson Baseball Stadium into a detainment center for protestors

(I'm sure by the time this post is approved he'll have done something else zany and delightful, such as asked Michel Moore why he hasn't texted him back yet, or allowed the low-flying military helicopters that have been swarming our city to land on the roofs of private residences in non-Beverly Hills neighborhoods.)

ONTD, are you a bootlicker more angry about the possibility of cops losing power or businesses losing money than the safety of your city's residents who aren't lining your pockets for your McMansion?

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Tags: black celebrities, politics, race / racism

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