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Karol G compares black people with dogs and J Balvin is once again an idiot.

Reggaeton "artists" Karol G and J Balvin decided talk about Black Lives Matter with expected results from non black rich latinos with zero social conscience

Karol G Post (she deleted it so there are only SS)

The pic says: The perfect example that black and white together look beautiful (while using a pic of her cute and pretty puppy)

J Balvin's IG post (he also deleted it so there is only SS)

In the pic: Dancing together the party is better

Of course latin-americans reacted with mockery, calling both colombian artists out and wondering what were they thinking

Queen Goyo from ChocQuibTown (if you want to stan a latin-american group please, stan this one) replied to her and called her out:

After everyone rightfully dragged her she deleted and posted an apology on twitter:

J Balvin so far hasn't commented about his horrible and tone deaf post.

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ONTD, what's the dumbest thing you have ever said?
Tags: latino celebrities, pr training needed, race / racism

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