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A Timeline of Myka and Jim Stauffer, the Influencers Who "Rehomed" Their Adopted Son

ONTD myka.png

Myka Stauffer and James Stauffer are YouTubers from Ohio, USA, who adopted a disabled boy named Huxley from China. But last week they revealed that they rehomed their son after living with him for nearly three years.

Jim Stauffer has a channel called StaufferGarage, which has 790,000+ subscribers. Myka’s channel has 715,000+ subscribers. Jim has been getting a lot less heat for this than Myka, but he's an asshole, too.

Got a lot of these leads from the good sis londonsquare in the previous post by milotic2.

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  • July 6, 2016: In a video called BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! || BABY #4, Myka and Jim announce that they are adopting a boy. They say that they have spoken to many adoption agencies, social workers, adoptive parents, and family and friends who have adopted. They say that everyone seemed to point them in one direction: China. Previously, they had considered adopting from Africa or the United States, which is “where their hearts were originally interested.”

  • 2016: Myka makes several videos about their “Adoption Journey.” The "Adoption Journey" playlist is still on YouTube, though many videos have been made private.

    The couple starts a crowdfunding campaign to help with the costs of the adoption.

  • December 2016: The Stauffers file a petition to adopt one-year-old Huxley through their agency, the World Association for Children and Parents. They choose to adopt him out of birth order, which means that he was older than their youngest child. Adoption experts will tell you NOT to do this.

  • October 5, 2017: Myka, James, and the children travel to China to adopt Huxley, who is now 2 1/2. Huxley “kicked and flailed” when they tried to hold him. He would also violently bang his head and bite and pinch anyone who got too close to him, including the other children. (The video has been made private)

  • January 2017: Myka makes a video in which she says that a doctor said that Huxley had severe medical conditions, gave a grim prognosis, and warned her and Jim about adopting him, but they decided to adopt him anyways. The video is now private, but there are some clips floating around the internet.

    Here are some choice quotes straight from Myka's mouth.

    “My child is not returnable.”

    “[It] solidified that this is more our son than he has ever been and we don’t care what’s wrong with him.

    “He’s our son and that’s that… We’re not gonna trade him in, we’re not gonna return him. He’s our boy.”

  • 2017 - 2020: Myka shares videos of the family, including Huxley, on various social media platforms—mostly YouTube and Instagram. She also does interviews and photoshoots to discuss her family.

    However, viewers notice a few disturbing details.

    One video shows Huxley with duct tape around his hands and thumb, apparently to discourage thumb-sucking. The video is now set to private, but there are screen caps.

    Here is a video in which Myka refuses a hug from Huxley


    They also openly treated Huxley different from their other kids. For example, they made Huxley say “thank you” for food when the other kids didn’t have to.


    They put him to bed 2 hours earlier than the other kids because they wanted time without him.

    In one vlog that shows Huxley having a meltdown, Myka impatiently snaps at him, “Are you done? Are you done? Are you over yourself?”

    In a vlog, Myka claims that therapy for Huxley is too expensive at $500 per 30-minute session, so they are downgrading to sessions that cost only $70. In the video, she wears a gold Cartier bracelet that retails for $4,000.

    The Stauffers also complete major renovations on their $700,000 home. Here is a video where she gives a tour.

  • June 28, 2018: Myka posts photo where, in a rare moment of honesty, she admits that the adoption has been difficult.


  • August 15, 2018: Myka posts this question to a Facebook forum called China Adoption Questions:

    ONTD stauffer.png

    Many people now think that she wanted to adopt a child who has “easy” special needs so that she can receive praise, but not have to deal with difficult behavior.

    She also revealed that they are considering another out-of-birth-order international adoption.

  • August 23, 2018: The Stauffers announce that they intend to adopt again. They say that it has been “a struggle” to adopt Huxley out of birth order, and that “it definitely played with [our youngest child]’s mind really hard.”

    They also mention that their dog tends to be aggressive around children and has nipped children before. They say that they are considering hiring a private dog trainer.

  • November 6, 2018: Just two months after they announce their intention to adopt, Myka announces that she is pregnant. Adoption experts strongly advise against having a baby so soon after adoption.

  • April 2019: Myka pens an article for The Bump called, “What Adopting My Austistic Son Has Taught Me.” She claims that they were not aware of the extent of Huxley's medical conditions.

    ontd myka bump.png

  • December 22, 2019: This is the last YouTube video of Huxley. In it, Myka practices sign language with the giggly little boy.

  • February 16, 2020: This is the last time that Huxley will appear in Myka’s Instagram feed.


  • Some time in winter 2020: Some time early 2020, the Stauffers send Huxley to a six-week inpatient program.

  • January 30, 2020: Myka and Jim take a two to four-week vacation to Bali with only their youngest baby. Huxley briefly appears in Myka's vlog at their home in Ohio.

  • Some time in February 2020: This is when online sleuths have concluded that the Stauffers gave up Huxley.

    Just consider this: According to this timeline, they began taking the steps to get rid of Huxley around the same time that they took their tropical vacation to Bali.

  • February – May, 2020: Myka posts many photos of her and her biological kids, but no Huxley. Fans begin to question his whereabouts, only to have Myka delete their comments or block them. Unbeknownst to them, Huxley is gone.

    In this time period, Myka continues to post vlogs such as what to eat in a day to stay thin, giving makeovers to her other children's rooms, and TikToks of her baby taking his first steps to hip hop music.

  • March 1, 2020: Myka takes her biological children-- you know, her "real" children-- to a water park.


  • March 11, 2020: Myka reveals that her husband can make $42,000 off one video. So, obviously, money is not an issue for them.

  • May 5, 2020: Myka posts photos and videos of her home makeovers. Meanwhile, rumors are swirling online that she abandoned Huxley.


  • May 10, 2020: On Mother’s Day, Myka posts this ominous Instagram photo referring to it as “my hardest Mother’s Day I have ever had." Commenters are generally sympathetic, posting encouraging messages for her.


  • May 26, 2020: Myka and Jim post a video called an update on our family. The reveal that they gave up Huxley. They even still refer to him as “our son.”

    Important: the Stauffers did not use the word “rehome” or “rehoming” in this video or on social media. This word was apparently used by the media outlets reporting on it. Let's at least give them that.

    They said they did not reveal the news sooner because they “wanted to protect his privacy,” even though they had no trouble publicly revealing every detail about him before. They also claim that the reason they are avoiding details is because they “truly want to protect Huxley’s privacy.”

    Myka also says, “I didn’t adopt a little boy to share these things publicly.” Right, girl.

    They claimed to have placed him with a “new forever family,” even though this was not true. Later, they claimed that his new family is taking steps to adopt him, though this is not confirmed. His “new mommy” apparently has “medical professional training,” though it is not clear whether this means she is a doctor or just has, like, CPR certification. Also: Myka has “medical professional training,” since she is a nurse.

    However, Franklin County CPS, where Myka and Jim live, states that Huxley has never gone through their foster care system. So, either they went through a private agency, or they did some shady arrangement with someone they found themselves.

    The Stauffers lose sponsorships from major companies including Chili’s, Huggies, FabLetics, Mattel, Danimals, Suave, Chili's, and BigLots.

  • As of May 29, 2020, Myka’s videos of Huxley are still monetized. They are some of the most-viewed videos on her channel. Many of Huxley's Instagram advertisements are still up.

  • May 29th & 30th, 2020: Myka changes her social media descriptions from "mother of 5 kids" to "mother of 4 kids."

    ontd myka social media.png

Sorry there are so many sources, mods. I double checked them all!

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