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Hansen vs Predator: The Onision/CoolGuyKai Interviews Part 2

OP Note: I am so sorry for taking so long in posting this. I planned on doing this in March but then... the world kind of got a little bit crazy.
- Onision (real name Gregory Jackson) has been somewhat quiet since Chris Hansen went to his house a few months ago. He went from making weird animated videos on youtube to making an OnlyFans account. He says he has left Youtube for OnlyFans. He is currently charging $5 for 30 days of content.
- He also posts weird videos on Twitter. Including one about self-harm. He used to make many videos about this on Youtube and many of his victims say that was what drew them to him in the first place.
- There haven't been any major updates on the investigation.

Under the cut are the second part of the interviews Hansen has conducted with victims of Onision and Kai as well as people who have been involved in their fandom (for now I am just focusing on people who had direct contact with the couple and not interviews with commentary channels).

TW; for mentions of grooming, sexual assault/harassment, emotional abuse, child pornography, etc;
OP NOTES: As no charges have been laid it should be noted these are all allegations.
Part One

November 20, 2019 - Interview with Billie - iznanassi

- Billie first discovered Onision at age 15 through videos of his rating scene kids’ appearances, talking about body hair and eating disorders. In 2015 when she was 18 she received a message from Kai complimenting her appearance and asking if Billie was interested in dating women (Kai was pre-transition at this time) despite the fact that Billie had never publicly mentioned Kai nor Onision even though she considered them celebrities. Two weeks after they had started talking, Kai offered to fly Billie to Washington state so they could “get to know each other” which Billie’s mother agreed to under the pretext of it simply being a meeting between internet friends.
- The very first day they met, Onision had pressured Billie and Kai into kissing in front of him and took pictures as they did so. This was Kai’s first physical relationship with a woman. At no point did they discuss a relationship between the three of them but during Billie’s second trip Onision “repeatedly pushed the issue” so their relationship became a threeway.
- Because of the way the relationship came about, there were no real boundaries communicated during the relationship. The very first time the three of them were sexually intimate, Onision would tell Billie what actions to perform on Kai and this became normalized in their relationship. - In a subsequent visit Onision gave Billie a nude full body massage which Kai was deeply hurt by. Kai and Billie broke up as a result of this and Kai also wanted to divorce Onision because of the incident. Almost a year later Kai and Onision had a disagreement concerning whether Onision could be sexually intimate with Billie. Kai told Billie that this would make him uncomfortable. Immediately after the conversation Onision initiated sex with Billie which she refused on the grounds that Kai had said this would make him uncomfortable, Onision then lied and told Billie that Kai had agreed to it. After having sex Billie confided to a friend over the trauma of the situation while Onision went to tell Kai what had occurred.
- Multiple times during the relationship Onision would have Billie sign “contracts” to stay with the couple along with suggesting she shave her head in order to “beg for forgiveness”. In order to punish her for perceived transgressions, Onision would also publicize photos and information about Billie to embarrass her. He often would facilitate conflict between Kai and Billie then play them off each other in order to make himself appear as the mediator. Billie also witnessed and underage Sarah watching Kai in a bathroom while Kai was naked. When Billie spoke out about the situation she was ostracized by Kai for it.
- Onision still contacts Billie asking if she wants to be forgiven and rekindle the relationship, he was also messaging her in the midst of the interview.

November 27, 2019 - Interview with Haylee - lannischester

- Didn’t really watch Onision videos until Kai showed up -- she was around 13 or 14 when she first saw his videos and around 17-18 when Kai first appeared in videos (she’s a year younger than Kai)
- Related because Kai was a soft spoken young woman (at the time) and became a fan
- Tweeted a pic of herself in a Lainey [Kai] merch shirt (she notes that at the time she had blue hair like Billie). Kai retweeted the pic saying he was in love with her and then followed her, but didn’t contact her on Twitter until after Billie had gone home after they had broken up.
- Kai messaged her saying hi and asking if she was into girls. After Haylee said yes, asked her if he was her type. Haylee gave him her number and he texted her the next day. Started with conversations and flirting.
Says at the time she thought she had a crush on Kai but now thinks she was just starstruck from talking to her idol.
- Notes she was having trouble at home, so talking to Kai gave her an emotional escape
- Says she doesn’t think she was groomed but that she was “built up and then tore back down multiple times within a day or two, whenever I had backed out, by greg”
- Decided she didn’t want to be in a threeway relationship and told Kai - no response from Kai but Greg replied, saying he wouldn’t be saying the same things if he was in Haylee’s position -- Greg said Haylee wasn’t attracted to him, which she agreed with and Greg thanked her for being honest.
- Says she tweeted stuff about both her home life and the situation and Greg assumed all tweets were about he and Kai and DMed her saying “I’m sorry your so bummed we are too.” -- she replied saying she was sorry she hurt Kai and that “it got worse from there”.
- Says they were trying to get her to go to Washington and be in a threeway relationship -- thinks Greg was pressuring Kai because Kai was happy when Haylee said she only wanted to be with him
- Says Greg said “if [you] come up there and be romantic with my wife [I’m] gonna see you romantically too” and it would be “all of [them] in a relationship together loving each other but focusing on [Kai]”
- Originally wanted to try for them but changed her mind -- Greg was angry. Acted okay with it at the start but he kept trying to make her feel guilty, saying he was upset about it not working out and that something was “broken in [her] mind”
- Says it did make her feel guilty and that she’s “never felt worse” about herself
- He sent her messages saying things like “nothing could fix [Kai] now” and that Haylee was the only thing keeping Kai from going back to Billie and that they were “on an island and [Haylee had] a boat but [she] wouldn’t save them because [she] kept saying [she] wasn’t the right boat”, that he thought Haylee was “sexually dormant”.
- Says she began doubting herself and thinking she was broken due to past trauma
- Greg tried to convince her by saying she could be in videos with Kai and sent her a video of Kai with another girl and tried to get her to come as a “friend” until she said she likely wouldn’t change her mind
- They tried to get her to come a few weeks after Kai had given birth to their youngest child but it was postponed so they could wait and the baby would “look good for [her]” according to Greg.
- Greg said they’d look for flights in December, but woke up to Greg saying ‘friendship would be hard, [she] screwed them over and lead [Kai] on’
- Says Greg said she could fly over and be friends with them if the possibility of her changing her mind was “over 25%”
- Thinks he would have tried to pressure her into sex if she had gone
- Credits her mom with preventing her from going
- Says they go after young, similar-looking/acting girls for Greg to get off (Kai is “along for the ride”) and that they go after young girls because it’s easier to Greg to appeal to them and pressure them -- says she thinks it’s always been his M.O. and won’t stop until he’s forced to
- (Apparently, Greg refers to the threeway relationship as a “trinity”?!)
Chris: “Who is Greg Jackson?” Haylee: “A monster. There’s no other word for him, he’s a monster.”
Chris: “And who is Kai?” Haylee: “Just like him now. They’re both monsters.”
- Says she’s talked to some of the other girls and that they’re like her sisters.
- Says she fears for Kai and Greg’s kids.
- Says all the interactions took place over 13 days.
- Chris: “what did they take away from you in those 13 days?” Haylee: “My security, my sense of safety. Greg made a 13 minute video about me slandering me, lying about me, sent all his followers after me and they found my facebook [...] they were commenting on videos I posted of me and my family, my little sister was in those videos I feared for her. It’s not fair that they got to run me and run so many other people off the internet and silence everybody.”
- Confided in a girl who had fake screenshots of talking to Greg -- she later posted her conversation with Haylee on lolcow forums which also had her tweets about Kai and Greg -- someone convinced her to post her side of the story there, which is what lead to Greg’s 13 min video about her
- Called her a snake and a liar in his video about her, that Kai can’t trust people on the internet anymore -- -- Haylee had to delete her family videos, change her twitter handle, etc.
- Thinks they should not be allowed on the internet and have criminal charges
- Thinks it’s significant that their Patreon was taken down
- To Youtube: “Shame on you. There are girls being hurt by somebody on your platform and you’re not doing a damn thing about it and it’s your fault you’re not helping, not doing anything.”
- To Kai: “I looked up to you. I really did. And I don’t know why. You’re a monster just like your husband. Keep crying.”
- To Greg: “I think you’re beyond help at this point but if there’s even a small part of you that wants to get it, go get it. If not for yourself, if not for anyone else, do it at least for your children. They don’t deserve this they don’t deserve to have you as a father like this. And stay away from girls.”
- Says Greg and Kai have been saying they’re never gonna bring anybody into the relationship again since the first breakup with Billie but they keep bringing girls in so they won’t stop until they’re forced to
- Says there’s a cult-like mentality
- Says Kai never talked about the threeway relationship, only Greg -- after Haylee said she wanted to try it, it didn’t come up again until after she backed out and he started harassing her. Says Greg said “if [Kai’s] worth it to you’ll do it because that’s what being worth it means”. She later told them Kai’s not worth it and Kai tweeted “I guess I’m not worth it guys.”
- Says she’s not afraid of them going after her
(Chris says that Greg came after Billie after her interview)
- Says Greg makes skits to intimidate his victims
- Says the most heartbreaking part is the other girls having to live with what happened to them forever
- Says they’ve been getting away with it for so long because no one was listening and didn’t want to talk about Onision or take the situation seriously
- Thinks they’re on a similar level to Weinstein and Epstein because he can reach people so far on the internet
- Says she would cooperative with FBI and says Kai and Greg should not be allowed on any digital platform where they can reach young girls
- “What would be a fit punishment for Greg?” Haylee: “Prison.” “And what about Kai?” Haylee: “Prison.”
- Says she’s thankful for having the other girls, being safe, and for her mother keeping her safe
- Wants people to know this isn’t just internet drama and to stay safe
- Says she’s less trusting and more guarded

Interview with Ayalla Karina - December 4, 2019

- Best friends with Billie.
- She started getting concerned when they asked Billie to quit her job to spend more time with them.
- Onision offered to move Ayalla to Seattle with Billie and would have paid her to be their nanny (a tactic more to get Billie to live with them).
- They flew them out in 2016 to meet them. Greg picked them up in a Joker costume and big shoes making him very tall. He barely spoke to them. Ayalla said she was very intimidated by him.
- There was a dynamic in the house where Onision tried to control everything.
- She realized how manipulative Onision was and realized she had to be careful around him. He always twists her words and make suggestive comments and jokes.
- There was no discussion of boundaries about the relationship with Onision, Kai and Billie. He would use this to manipulate the situation. He would intentionally try to spread miscommunication even between Billie and Ayalla.
- Ayalla says that Onision and Kai were grooming Billie.
- Hansen asks if the couple breaks down girls in a “cult-like environment,” and Ayalla agrees. He would find things that would get under people’s skin and hurt them and use it against them.
- When she eventually left Onision made horrible videos about Ayalla and sent his fans after her.
- She sent an email of concern to Onision in regards to Billie. Not long after she met them she realized something was wrong.
- When Onision tried to get Billie to sleep with him she got very upset. The mood in the house changed and he tried to make Billie and Ayalla sign a contract saying they would stay a week and would keep the peace in the house.
- Onision would often change the way he acted to make it impossible for people to say no to him.
- After he forced them to sign a contact Onision took Billie into the garage to isolate her and tried to convince her to get a tattoo that said “Lillie” (Billie and Kai’s “ship” name) to prove herself. Ayalla went to find Billie and Onision tried to convince Ayalla to convince Billie. Ayalla then told Billie they needed to leave.
- She thinks Onision likes the idea of branding people.
- Thinks Kai was fully aware of what Onision was doing but they were also a victim of Onision so they didn’t realize it wasn’t okay.
- Agrees with Hansen that Onision and Kai exploit young women for sex.
- When she left Onision made 15 different videos on her. This made her scared to speak out.
- When Hansen asks “who does this stuff?” in regards to the awful things Onision wanted Billie to do Ayalla replies “crazy people.”
- She made a video saying she suspected the couple of grooming. This caused Onision to force Sarah to make a video to disprove (but we now know it was all true).
- Ayalla and Billie had to leave Onision’s house in secret because they were scared of what he would do. They packed their bags and called an Uber. They cancelled 3 or 4 Ubers because they thought they were about to be caught. When they finally made it to the door they were caught by Onision. He tried to manipulate Billie into staying, but Ayalla knew they needed to leave. She got their stuff into the car and told Billie they had to leave. Thankfully Ayalla had friends in Seattle who they stayed with (her friend also paid for the Uber to help them escape).
- Onision’s last words to them were “how could you do this?”
- Onision alleged that he had cameras all over his house. Billie would often say she thought she was being recorded when they stayed with them.
- Hansen compares the couple to David Koresh in Waco and NXIVM.
- “There is only so much fame can make up for and you know abusing young women is not something you get a pass on just because you have some people watch your Youtube videos.”
- Ayalla’s mom is a foster mom and she offered Sarah a safe place to live with them if she wanted to leave Onision but couldn’t go home.
- Thinks it would have been worse for Billie if she wasn’t there.
- Onision attacked Ayalla for several years following them leaving.
- Ayalla thinks he is “sick” because there is no other way you could do the things he does and not feel bad about it.
- Ayalla encourages Kai to leave. Says they should be held accountable but they don’t need to stay with someone who abuses them. Tells Onision to “stop hurting people.” Think they both need to be legally accountable for what they have done and should have their platforms taken away.
- Thinks Youtube doesn’t care about predators unless it’s for their benefit.

Source + 1, 2

There will be at least one more post in this series (and I'll definitely post any follow-ups to the investigation). Hansen has done more interviews but I think it was important to share these ones in particular. Hansen is currently investigating Dahvie Vanity the lead singer of Blood on the Dancefloor.

Thanks again to iznanassi and lannischester for helping me with these summaries and being so patient with me when it comes to posting.
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