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Killing Eve Season Three Finale and What's to Come

Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the season three finale of Killing Eve and what's to come in season four.

Follow Sandra Oh because here be spoilers:


  • The decision to do a more introspective season and finale was fully intentional since previous seasons ended violently. They wanted more focus on choices and family.

  • Villanelle suggesting she and Eve walk away was somewhat manipulative on her end. She wanted confirmation Eve wanted her too even if she was "99.9 percent sure she'd turn around and Eve would be looking at her," hence Villanelle's smirk.

  • Eve and Villanelle have "sort of the most fucked-up, self-destructive, glorious, edifying, ego-fulfilling relationship ever." Besides romantic attraction, they're both intoxicated by the mutual obsession and the knowledge that someone knows them better than anyone else. They're, or Eve, rather, is ready to indulge in the fantasy, despite Carolyn telling her she needed to quit cold turkey.

  • Villanelle's journey this season has been questioning "can she change? Is her fate really always going to be one thing?" That journey will continue in season four.

  • The question for Eve this season, which will also continue next season, was "What do you do when you have to acknowledge to yourself that there's a darkness that you can't push down anymore?"

  • Confirms Konstantin can never be trusted. Ever. By anyone.

  • Villanelle should be very concerned about Hélène and the Twelve next season.

  • Despite the pandemic shutdowns, there is no huge change in filming and season four should be on the air in 2021.

  • A tease for season four: "Change is possible."

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