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Debby Ryan and Twenty One Pilot's drummer Josh Dun have been secretly married since New Year's Eve

Debby Ryan revealed in a Vogue Magazine revealed that she has been married to Josh Fun for months. The couple had initially planned on having a destination wedding sometimes this year. But the death of her co-star and friend Cameron Boyce, who was only 20 years old, really put things into perspective.

"When [Cameron] passed, it really rocked me and put a lot of things in perspective. It didn’t feel important to wait anymore, to stop being busy, or for things to line up perfectly—intending to do things is not nearly as powerful as doing, as we aren’t promised tomorrow," says Debby.

The instead got married on New Year's eve, a little over a year after they got engaged. The wedding took only 28 days to plan.

Read and see more pictures at the source.

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