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The View: Gavin Newsom, Christian Cooper, Michael Osterholm, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, More........

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

Welp, I’m a goober, I don’t watch this live and thought it was a repeat all week for holiday break. Bloop @ me.

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Fri Show Gavin Newsom

The war between TidePodTrump© and California continues. Gavin talks about every current event that’s also related to California.

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Wed show

Wed show
TidePodTrump© re-upping fake conspiracy re/Joe Scarborough. Background, JS was in Congress. A staffer at his FL office had an unknown heart condition. She had an attack, passed out, and hit her head as she fell to the floor. She was alone in the office. JS was not in FL at the time. Also, they weren’t having an affair. T45 is mad at JS and he wants to distract from 100K covid deaths so he’s calling a media person a murderer. Her husband asked twitter to delete the tweet, @Jack declined. Then twitter did flag T45 tweets for false info on mail in ballots. T45 reacted by saying he’d shut down twitter, which he doesn’t have the authority, plus Fascism 101.

Thu show

Thu show
TidePodTrump© signed an empty threat non actionable Executive Order in retaliation to twitter flagging his tweets about mail in ballot misinformation. Zuckerberg goes on Fox and further proves he’s awful. Panel talks about legalities, authoritarianism, crybaby complaining, another attempt to create discord for the election. Meghan whines.

Fri show

Fri show
America hit 100K deaths from virus, plays clip of Biden address. Panel talks about what do people want in a leader eg compassion or sociopath T45. Nobody wants to hear from T45 no matter what he has to say, it’s either wildly inappropriate, gaslighting and lies, or completely tone deaf. Poll talk re/FL and other swing states and another recap how badly the admin has handled this pandemic, and really the last 3 ½ years.

Hot Topic Fri Show Are You Authentic

Melissa McCarthy talked on Dax Sheppard’s Armchair Expert podcast about seeing people who are nice get walked on and passed over but people who were mean get everything handed to them. Panel talks about their experiences.

Hot Topic Thu Show Minneapolis Protests

Panel comments on remarks from Minneapolis Mayor Frey and goes from there about the protests. Compares the rednecks with automatic weapons protesting lockdowns and wearing a mask vs how Floyd protesters are being portrayed and treated, and why it’s all boiling over.

Hot Topic Thu Show Christian Cooper

He’s a Harvard graduate, pioneering comic book writer, and biomedical editor for health-science communications. His sister Melody joins him. He gives the background, explains the Ramble area of Grand Central Park, why there’s a leash law for that part, the chain of events that transpired. Both talk about their reaction to the repercussions for Amy, and the implications to a poc for what she did. Chris is a good, decent person.

Hot Topic Thu Show Dr Michael Osterholm

Director of Infectious Disease Research @ Univ Minnesota. He has a book Deadliest Enemy. They talk about infection rate, more months that we need to be alert since no vaccine, covers all the normal topics you’d imagine.

Prefers to keep discussion focused on science not politics. Masks can play a role in preventing spread of the disease even if it’s not foolproof.

Hot Topic Wed Show George Floyd First Take

Clip behind the cut due to screen grab [Spoiler (click to open)]

Viewer discretion advised because they show part of the bad video at the beginning of the segment. Panel rages. Even with bystanders calling out the cops, they didn’t care. Links it to T45 inciting and enabling violence against poc.

Hot Topic Wed Show Dogwalker Amy vs Birdwatcher Chris

Plays clip. Amy Cooper no relation to Chris Cooper, lost her dog and her job. Panel is aligned that Amy deserved whatever came her way. Amy had maxed out donations to Obama yet this was still how she reacted to being told to follow the rules. Still he showed more grace to her fallout compared to how she treated him.

Hot Topic Wed Show Pandemic Personality

Panel talks about whether people take on a completely different personality during lockdown or are some elements just being exacerbated due to being stir crazy.

Hot Topic Wed Show Zach Braff Donald Faison

They are promoting their podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends. Lol I used to love that show. They say stuff, it’s a pleasant distraction. Zach also talks a little about his friend Nick Cordero who is still fighting to survive covid.

Hot Topic Tue Show Holiday Weekend Crowd Gatherings

NYT paid tribute to those lost by virus with full front page of names. But future Darwin Award winners swarmed the beaches. Meghan has a MyFather™ moment but she’s consistent in her anger against these yahoos.

Hot Topic Tue Show James Clyburn

House Majority Whip Rep James Clyburn (D-SC). Clyburn and panel talks about Biden remarks to Charlamagne tha God the previous week. Clyburn doesn’t think it was his best interview, but says he compares Biden to the alternative, not the Almighty. Talks about Biden VP pick, covid affect on black community, new bipartisan bill to support those affected.

Hot Topic Tue Show Terry Crews

Terry Crews is promoting new seasonAmerica’s Got Talent, caring for his wife, who is now cancer free, plus talks about current events and The Last Dance.

Ontd feel free to make this a FFA politics or social justice post

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