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Insecure Actor Hit by Rubber Bullets at LA Protest + Other Celebs Attend Protests Across the US

As more protests in support of George Floyd and against police brutality happen across the United States, some familiar faces went to the streets to show their support.

One such person was Kendrick Sampson (Insecure) who attended the Los Angeles protests (he was specifically in Pan Pacific Park with his Build Power initiative which was co-organized with Black Lives Matter), which were going peacefully until the LAPD showed up and fired rubber bullets at the crowd as well as beat him with a baton.

“They shot me four times already. I already got hurt and I got hit with a baton. Y’all ain’t see no police fucking up white folks when they took guns to the statehouse. Y’all didn’t see police attacking white folks, beating em up with batons, shooting them with rubber bullets when they brought guns to fucking state houses. We came up here with no weapons, with masks... And we’re the ones who are not peaceful. We did an event together — peaceful, powerful, talking about defunding the police, talking about building power in our communities and what that really looks like. That’s what we were doing. We marched to the intersection at Fairfax, we were there for a bit. We closed it out with a chant,” Sampson said.



Other celebrities have posted their own personal accounts from attending today's protests as well as a similar thread of peaceful protests until police escalation.

If you were/are attending a protest, I hope you are safe!
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