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Lady Gaga discusses 'Chromatica' on The Graham Norton Show

Lady Gaga stopped by the Graham Norton Show (via webcam) to discuss her new album Chromatica that released Friday, May 29. Gaga and Graham discuss the funny story about her Tiffany's necklace at last year's Oscars and the singer goes into detail about some of the things that went into making her album Chromatica.

- She has been working on Chromatica for 2.5 years

- Explains that the Chromatica delay wasn't as odd for her as you'd think. "The much odder thing was that we were in the midst of a global pandemic," Gaga explains to Graham. "I think I just went, 'Well you know this is the way that it is.' We don't always get to have things go as we see them in life. But, I think it's quite important to roll with the punches."

- While discussing Rain On Me, Gaga says: "Ariana's also been through so much in her life and she shared a lot of that with the world. It's so devastating what occured in Manchester at one of her concerts. This is in the spirit of knowing that if you work together, if you come together, you can make magic out of rain. 'Rain On Me' is essentially saying, 'I've cried so many tears that I can't think of myself as anything other than a crying machine at this point but you know what, bring it on! I'm strong and I can handle the rain.'"

- On why she didn't wait to release the album when clubs are open, "I've never wanted to be in a gay club more than I've wanted to be right now in my life. But, me waiting for clubs to open to put out this record.. like, why? People have the right to dance at home. So, I encourage you to. Whether you're in your underwear and socks or you're in full glam and you'd like to do a performance for yourself in the mirror - have at it! Crank it as loud as you can, and here we go."

OMG she was so cute in this interview. So real and happy again.
What's your favorite song(s) on Chromatica, ONTD?

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