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Woody Allen Is At It Again; Dylan Farrow Responds

for some unexplicable reason in the middle of a pandemic The Guardian decided to profile Woody Allen, who spent the entire interview whining about people being unfair to him. choice quotes to make your day worse:

on why he won't sue pubblications: "It doesn’t pay to sue. Do I really want to be tabloid fodder for two years and go to court? And do I really care?"

on the actors who denounce him: "It’s silly. The actors have no idea of the facts and they latch on to some self-serving, public, safe position. Who in the world is not against child molestation? That’s how actors and actresses are, and [denouncing me] became the fashionable thing to do, like everybody suddenly eating kale."

on "facts": "You can give them the facts over and over. But the facts don’t matter. For some reason, emotionally, it’s important for them to buy into the story."

????????: "I realised [the relationship with Soon-Yi] had dramatic impact and was not usual: one could make criticisms about the rectitude of it, the appropriateness of it; I understood all of that. But these false accusations that have hurt the psychological life of Ronan and Dylan; I don’t feel for one second that I brought that on myself."

a final kicker: “I assume that for the rest of my life a large number of people will think I was a predator. Anything I say sounds self-serving and defensive, so it’s best if I just go my way and work."

Dylan Farrow gave a quote to The Hollywood Reporter following Allen's interview:
"It remains baffling to me that Woody Allen claims not to care about people believing me and yet continues to petulantly complain about it while spreading his lies. One thing he is right about though is that there are far more important things to focus on than his fall from Hollywood’s grace."

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ontd, do you think 2020 owes us this one thing?
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