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Weekly Tenet update: Another wrench throw in plans

Hello ONTD! Welcome to this week's edition of: Is Tenet coming out as planned?

Today we look a report by an investment firm and it's not looking good. So much so, that the entire calendar year is now "in flux."

Why: San Francisco announced that movie theaters in the city are part of its "Phase 3" reopening, which has a targeted start of mid-August, a whole month after Tenet's release date. The report concludes that SF's plans most likely mirror those of LA and NYC, which make up the biggest theater markets in the country. LA theaters are part of the cities "Phase 3" reopening, which currently has no start date. NYC's own are part of "Phase 4", which also has no start date.

The report believes that studios will be hesistant to be the first out of the gate, fearing that a disappointing box office will hurt their bottom line much more than a delay would.

Tags: covid-19, film
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