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Chris Evans interviews Jaeden Martell for Interview Magazine

*Perpetual film relatives Chris Evans and Jaeden Martell sat down for an interview for Interview Magazine, with Chris interviewing his onscreen younger self/cousin/son.

*Jaeden says the director/writer of Defending Jacob let him decide for himself if his character is guilty or not and he then had to figure out how that decision affected both how approached the character and didn’t approach him.

*Chris says the films he did when he was younger surrounded by a cast his own age resulted in a very different vibe on set vs films with an older cast and wonders which Jaeden prefers. Jaeden says IT was the first film where he was surrounded by actors his own age and while he appreciates those friendships he enjoys the learning process from watching older actors work.

*Learns a lot about acting by observing and learned a lot on the Defending Jacob set watching Michelle Dockery and Chris—how they interacted with each other, the crew etc.

*Would like to model his career after Leo DiCaprio.


The series finale of Defending Jacob is available now on Apple TV+. Feel free to discuss the series as whole in this thread, for the 5 other people watching it, but use spoiler cuts please!
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