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Hello Kitty Airline

"Any of you still remember when McD launched the Hello Kitty couple soft toys a few years back? If you dont remember nevermind ... but a few years back people were queing up just to buy the whole series of Helloy Kitty sost toys.

Response had been so good in Singapore till people are willing to kill and fight for it. I think someone was hurt in Singapore fighting for Hello Kitty collectable dolls. Some even queue up for days just to get buy those Hello Kitty soft toys.

But nowadays it seems that the trend actually slowed down by alot, we dont force ourself to eat McD on a daily basis just because they introduced some new collectable Snoopy/Hello Kitty figurines anymore.

Recently Eva Air launched a new concept incorporating Hello Kitty in their fleet, its kinda like the Airplane with a theme lidat la .... The Hello Kitty Airline!!! 1st of its kind, this brings the pink-est and cutest Hello Kitty merchandise outta shelves and into the planes! Even the meal are designed to represents some sorta Hello Kitty endorsement.

Here are some pictures of the Bizarre yet exciting Airline :" - NOT BY ME, Written by the source

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More Pictures!Collapse )

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