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QUIZ: Do You Know the Story Behind These Reality TV Memes?

tenor (3).gif

You've seen the memes... but do you know the history behind them?

Test your knowledge of these iconique memes. When it comes to reality TV memes, are you intelligent like Tiffany "New York" Pollard? Or dumb, like Hottie?

Take this quiz to prove ur knowledge! (or lack thereof)

1. Why is New York wearing sunglasses and sitting on a bed?

ONTD new york bed .gif

A) She is thinking of more insults to scream at Hottie
B) She is pissed off and wants to get away from annoying bitches
C) She is waiting for Flavor Flav to make love to her

[ANSWER]it's C, you moron!

2. Why are two women screaming at a cat?

ONTD housewives cat.jpg

A) Two disgruntled voters are expressing their fury at the corruption of their congressional representative, the cat.
B) The women are ONTD commenters and the cat is Doja Cat
C) Someone on Twitter accidentally posted a screencap of The Real Housewives next to a picture of a cat

[ANSWER]obviously it is B, you idiot

3. What does this meme depict?

ONTD laganja attacked.gif

A) A drag queen having a dramatic moment on RuPaul's Drag Race
B) White people appropriating black culture only to claim victimization instead of taking accountability
C) Taylor Swift in a wig making passive-aggressive swipes at other people only to claim victimization instead of taking accountability

[ANSWER]how dare you hold me accountable to create an answer, I FEEL VERY ATTACKED!

4. Explain the situation in this meme.

ONTD laguna beach.gif

A) The patriarchal double standard in which men behave callously towards women, but women are blamed for reacting too emotionally
B) The gaslighting tendencies of bigots and edgelords who say hateful comments and berate "snowflakes" for overreacting
C) Lauren Bosworth is comforting Lauren Conrad about a guy

[ANSWER]acceptable answers are A and B

5. Why is Tyra Banks yelling in disappointment?

ONTD tyra.jpg

A) She is disappointed with Tiffany, a model on ANTM
B) She represents the working-class American electorate and she is disappointed with the bourgeois centrism of the nation's elected officials
C) She just got her PostMates order and the restaurant fucked it up

[ANSWER]it is B, you nincompoop!

6. What is the story behind this meme?

ONTD Theresa.png

A) Theresa Caputo is a fraud who exploits grieving people for money
B) Theresa Caputo is a fraud who exploits grieving people for money
C) Theresa Caputo is a fraud who exploits grieving people for money

[ANSWER]even a psychic could see that all of the above are correct!

7. Do you know why Alexis Neiers is upset?

alexis neiers.gif

A) She was struggling with a heroin addiction
B) She was expressing frustration by societal stereotypes about women who wear certain types of shoes and clothing
B) Nancy Jo said she was wearing six-inch Louboutins to court with her tweed outfit! She was wearing little brown kitten heels, fucking bitch!

[ANSWER]Twenty-nine dollars!

8. Explain the psychology of this meme.

A) Reality television frequently takes advantage of people from lower-class backgrounds who have serious mental illnesses
B) Obesity and binge eating are devastating cycles that have a lifelong impact
C) Kelly is addicted to cheesy potatoes

[ANSWER]C. just C.

9. What is happening in this meme?

ONTD kim crying.jpg

A) Kim Kardashian is annoyed at her husband, Kris Humphries
B) Kim Kardashian has realized that she perpetuates an unattainable and misogynist image of women to millions of young girls and she feels incredibly remorseful
C) Kim Kardashian has realized that she is part of a class system that oppresses millions while rewarding only a wealthy few and she feels incredibly remorseful

[ANSWER]Ha ha ha lol jk, you know it's not the last two.

What are ur results??

1-3 correct: you need to watch more TV and use the internet more
4-6 correct: you need to watch more TV and use the internet more
7 or more correct: you watch too much TV and use the internet too much

Add ur fav reality show memes in the comments.

mods, i added more memes and didn't include some at the source, so it's not a ripoff. it's a ~semi~ original.

source, source, plus my personal collection of memes
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