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What's the Best Streaming Service? An ONTD semi-Original

I was going to do something like this for an original, but then I realized:

I don't actually subscribe to any streaming service. But I have watched a lot of content from them "when I did"*.

So this is a semi-Ontd Original? Can we do that? We're doing it today. This ⬇ Is what Variety says

  • Most of these are world wide offerings; Hulu and HBOMax are US only, and Disney+ has limited availability worldwide.

  • Apple TV+ is cheapest @ $5/mo , technically Prime Video is most expensive.

  • HBO Max probably has the most content, with over 10,000 hours

  • NBC Universal's Peacock is also scheduled for July. I think we all forgot about that one.

Netflix -

Do you want to pay a piddling amount for more junk TV than you'll ever watch? Do you want to be recommended the same things over and over again? Then come on down! It's not all bad news here - There are plenty (5?) of well made, good programs.

Most Notable Shows/Movies: "Black Mirror", "Stranger Things", "House of Cards". There's also "Nailed It!" and "She-Ra And the Princesses of Power"! And those are just the originals.

There's a great swath of international programming (location depending), but they are losing a lot of things to the original studios that made them. Mainly...


Do you want your kids to shut up while you engage in Target Wine Mommy Culture? First, please find a better way to deal with your life. That's not good. Second - Here you go! Expose your kids to the Disney Canon / MCU / Star Wars/ NatGeo / Whatever Else They Own!

Most Notable Shows/Movies: Star Wars stuff. Just that. Just "Clone Wars", "The Mandalorian". Half these shows people mention in passing, it's the first time I've heard about them. They're just watching them bc there's no more Star Wars.

You can see "Hamilton" in July on the service!


Because Disney owns 20 CF, you now get all those 'adult' shows shoved onto Hulu. Which used to have a free option, but no longer does. But it does have a lot of stuff like "9-1-1", "Bob's Burgers", "Black-ish", "The Great".


Actually comes out tomorrow. However, they're getting that once-elusive Snyder Cut of Justice League. "Friends", "South Park", along with other obnoxious dudebro animated shows, Crunchyroll stuff, FX, Ghibli Stuff...WarnerMedia owns a lot, wow.

Apple TV+

Do you just buy a new Apple device and now have it free for a year?

Do you want to be sad?

That's about it. You got Apple TV+. There's nothing else you can do.

Notable Shows/Movies: "The Elephant Queen", "Servant", "Ghostwriter", "Snoopy In Space". The OP can only attest to the first two.

Oh yeah, also with Disney+, you can stream ARTEMIS FOWL on JUNE 12th. Thought you caught me slipping, huh.

What streaming services do you spend money on?


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