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ontd original: 7 games you can play on the Nintendo Switch (That aren't Animal Crossing)

Or "Ooh, you bought a Switch for Animal Crossing and now you're like 'This cost me 300$, I better find something else to play'"

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It's very pretty and very big. I have never played a Zelda game at any length beyond about an hour, and that was Phantom Hourglass.

This is apparently the third highst rated Zelda game on Metacritic, behind Ocarina and probably the first one, but the dumb slideshow won't show me. 60$

Splatoon 2

I don't think many ONTDers played the original on the Wii U; It's really fun, and there are still people playing on the system (where online is still free).

If you want to play online multiplayer matches, like Turf War, Ranked Mode, and Salmon Run, on the Switch, you will need the Online Membership, but it's quite worth it!

Or, you can play solo through the single player campaign, and download the Octo Expansion for even harder levels. 60$ + 20$ for Octo Expansion + 20$ for online.

Sonic Mania

Because the only time Sonic can be good and relevant, is when it harkens back to the early 90's. This was created by Christian Whitehead, who helped port the originals to mobile devices back in the early 2010s.

This is also on other platforms, and is probably the only rousing success in the franchise all decade (It came out in 2018)

There is also extra content you can buy, including playable character Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. 20$ + 20$ for the expansion.

Tetris 99

BOOM! Tetris for Jeff!

Comes with the online. It's Tetris, what else? 20$ with Online.

Ring Fit Adventure
Bing img search tried to suggest I simply search images of this guy. Nope, not going down that rabbit hole. Not today, satan.

The surprising hit that suceeded where...whatever exercize game on the Wii U failed. Comes with the oh so once-popular peripheral that you squeeze and pull. I gave it a try (By playing a walkthrough and imitating the movements) - Phew! It's hard mocking the movements, I can only imagine the game! It was fun though!

Price? Well, Nintendo says more are coming to stores, but you can probably buy it for a vastly inflated price.
Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

A remake of the PS1 original, this is also on multiple platforms. There are quite a lot of new stages, characters, skins...and now you can either earn the coins or buy them. Yep, microtransactions. And they're always pumping out new skins and shit. You can race for the coins, but good luck getting enough before the shop changes the next day.
Pokemon Sword and Shield

The only mainline Pokemon games yours truly have not bothered with (besides Black 2 and White 2). Quite possibly the most polarizing gen to date, even beyond just GenWunners. 60$ + Extras.

src: Nintendo and Me. Or is it Nintendo and I.
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