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Terrace House Japan and Pro Wrestler Hana Kimura dies at 22

- It's been a hard week for wrestling fans. Earlier this week, on May 17, former WWE star Shad Gaspard was caught in a riptide with his 10-year-old son. While lifeguards managed to save his son (Gaspard asked them to do so when they reached them) they were unable to save Gaspard. He went missing and while some were hopeful he had survived his body was found a few days later.
- Today Stardom Wrestling announced the passing of Hana Kimura. Kimura was 22 years old and also a member of the reality show Terrace House Japan. She had made history earlier this year at New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom as part of a dark tag team match.
- Earlier today, Kimura had posted some troubling posts ([trigger warning]graphic images of self-harm and what appeared to be a suicide note) on her Twitter account. The posts have been deleted (op note: but please be careful if you look at her hashtag on social media as people are still posting it). Kimura was being bullied and harassed by people for her time on Terrace House Japan.
- No official cause of death has been confirmed. [trigger warning]Many fans speculate she took her own life.

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I'm so gutted by both of their passing. ONTD if you or anyone you know is being bullied or in any type of distress please know you're not alone. Be kind to others and to yourself.

Global Suicide Hotlines
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