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What happened on episode 13 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 12?

- The first-ever virtual reunion for the show. The Season 12 queens (minus S***** Pie) did a production number called The Shady Bunch.

- Nicky Doll regrets her elimination when she didn't fight for her chance to stay in the competition.

- Jan admits that she cried not because of Brita's elimination, she cried because she didn't win the Madonna musical challenge.

- Dahlia thinks Crystal, Rock, and Widow should've been on the bottom on the acting challenge episode where she was eliminated.

- Aiden admits that she was afraid to compete in this season and that her ball looks weren't lazy, they're just already finished.

- The production number The Shady Bunch took notice of S***** Pie's absence. The song includes the lyric “We were 13 queens competing all together” which Miss Jaida Essence Hall interjected with “Well, technically only 12.”

source: my tv

stan Jaida, the essence of beauty! What's your favorite moment and aspect of Season 12?

Also please put your All Stars 5 spoilers under a spoiler cut. No one wants to be spoiled for AS5.
Tags: discussion, rupaul / drag race, spoilers
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