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The View: Tim Scott, Yvette Nicole Brown, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Biden VP

Biden has been doing virtual town halls with various women who are likely being vetted as VP picks. Sunny thinks it’s creative and gives a visual of what it would look like if Biden+(VP) were to be together. Meghan thinks VP horse-race commentary keeps political media busy but Me-again© says The View wanted her to do chemistry tests but she refused, then got hired anyway. Talks about MyFather© and that he had only met Palin 2x, then in his deathbed book, admitted he regretted not choosing Lieberman (eg someone he knew well). Thinks Biden should choose who he feels most comfortable with, and trusts, like Obama and Biden were close friends. Whoopi doesn’t like that it’s being referred to as a beauty contest because that’s not what viewers think and it’s demeaning, but the media puts that narrative out there and then it sticks.

Hot Topic Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

Also promoting his book Opportunity Knocks. Talks about calling a 1-844 number to get free testing. Focusing on communities of faith to get message out where poc can get help. Also references funding for under-insured or un-insured. Clarifies that he’s focusing on poc, but is aligning with places of faith since that is often the most common first place they may turn to for info, but not the only place. Sunny asks about phased reopening. Businesses are reopening, but most people polled still support some restrictions in place, so what happens if people refuse, so then they can’t get unemployment. [Which is why red states in particular are reopening because they’re either broke and/or just don’t want to offer social benefits]. Meghan is worried about second phase. TS explains SC cases have been low and they’re seeing people get out to stores or other retail places [except SC is under-reporting their numbers]. Whoopi asks about the next stimulus bill passed by House but refused by Senate. TS says the money being provided has handcuffs in such a way that Governors can’t use the money the way they need to [doesn’t give examples or specifics]. Talks about commercial loans. Nothing about individual needs.

Meghan asks about higher impact of covid on poc. TS expresses empathy and his advice is that we need more testing, and getting access to health care such as tele-health options. More discussion on AA businesses with PPE help. Sunny brings up Arbery shooting, T45 called Tim Scott, why didn’t T45 call someone in GA where it happened. TS says he was harsh on T45 after Charlottesville, and that opened dialogue, such as funding for HBCU and Sickle Cell Anemia. So TS was relied as a liaison to GA. Calls what happened a murder. Glad that DOJ has gotten involved. Whoopi wonders if he hadn’t talked to TS, then nothing may have been done at federal level. Switches gears to T45 blaming China and whatever, if lockdown happened one week earlier perhaps 36K less people wouldn't have died. TS is encouraged by flattening of curve. Had Dr Fauci do an IG live feed with him. Wants every person at nursing homes tested across the country. Doesn’t feel like it’s useful to blame anyone, need to get it under wraps, then de-brief.

Sunny asks about T45 saying he’ll cut funding if states allow mail-in ballots. TS says in SC if you’re over a certain age or can’t make it to a polling booth, then you’re allowed absentee voting. Every state will do their thing, early voting, not against mail in ballots. TS thinks media isn’t talking to the right people, as to why T45 has supporters.

Hot Topic Yvette Nicole Brown

She’s promoting a new game show The Big Fib.

Anyway, remember how she is ride or die for now-deceased serial child molester M’chael J’ckson? Tweet Thread

Ontd do you have fun plans for the weekend? Monday is a bank holiday in US and UK! (and some other countries) woo hoo!

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