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What It’s Like To Go to the Movies During a Pandemic

Santikos Theaters in San Antonio, Texas opened three of its nine theaters with certain restrictions in place.

They open doors for you and ask safety questions upon entering. They’ll turn away and refund anyone who answers yes to being exposed or having symptoms and tell them to return in 14 days.

Do not take cash and have plexiglass at concession stands.

People are not allowed to use self-serve drink stations.

They seat people every other row with two empty seats between every occupied seat.

Ticket sales are only 15% of the normal revenue they usually make.

Is barely making enough to pay its employees.

The chain says reopening isn’t a “money grab,” and that they actually aren’t making any money. They’re simply bringing employees back to work in a safe environment.

Would you risk your or other people’s health to go watch a movie in theaters this Summer?

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