The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Kristen Bell Clarifies Her Comments About Her Daughter Still Wearing Diapers

After Kristen Bell made headlines for revealing her five year old daughter still wears diapers, she has clarified her comments on Twitter. And actually, WE'RE all the gullible ones and she was misquoted!

She said in part: "The article was looking for sensation, and everyone fell for it as they so often do. They left out that shes only in diapers at night, which is pretty normal for a 5 yr old who's tiny bladder cant take the 10 hr challenge yet :)"

She added that her daughter wouldn't be embarrassed of the overshare, saying: "I also dont think its humiliating if ur kid wears diapers late. Everyone is different. My 5yr old wouldn't be embarrassed even if she was in diapers during the day! She's confident & goofy & doesn't see anything about her beautiful unique self something to apologize for. Xo"

Well, then!

Tags: attention whore, celebrity children / siblings, celebrity social media, kristen bell
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