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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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30 more minutes until my 3 day weekend!
Man, I also never got a stimulus check😤😤😤😤
They sent an email saying if you can do your job remote you won’t be asked to come till September 30th obviously scared of what fall and winter look like but at least I can be stress free about going into a busy office all summer
you're so lucky! one of our offices is rumoured to re-open June 1 and I just know our company is itching to have people there again
That's awesome!

We have "no plans yet" for our return to the office, so I went and invested in a better desk chair today-the one I've been using is old as hell and actually painful to sit in by the end of the day. If I'm working from home open ended, my butt is at least gonna be happy about it.
my sis and i have decided to get bubble tea tmr. a kungfu tea finally opened up here and my friend recommended the milk tea.

i also realize like 90% of my ffa/roundup comments are about bubble tea, lmfao
there are a ton of places here luckily. i'm lazy so i just order delivery lol.
My nearest bubble tea place is two hours away 😫


10 months ago

My KFT order: oolong milk tea with 50% sugar, no ice, + bobaaaa. I just found out I can get free boba with the app (the only way to make an order now at the local KFT).


10 months ago

i have other boba i like better than kung fu tea but i second the app suggestion!
I bought pearls but I need to find the perfect recipe to make tea bc the last time I tried it was awful.
my mirror broke and it’s not for sale anymore, which makes sense as i've had it for over 6 years. it sucks though, i really liked it and can’t find one like it
I got tapped to present at a virtual conference and ughhh I've been able to get out of turning on my camera up until this point. My room is the only private space I have, and isn't really set up for professional calls. You can see my collectibles and bed behind me from my desk. I also don't want to turn on the virtual backgrounds since it seems a little tacky for this situation.
is there like a blank virtual background you can use?
I can probably set up a neutral one if I had to. I just feel envious of people's rooms that make them look like normal well-adjusted adults
If you don't want to use the backgrounds can you hang a solid colored sheet or something behind you or would that look budget as fuck?


10 months ago

another vote for a digital background but not one of the ones they have but like a blank dark grey one or, not sure what you're presenting, but if you have a logo, website, social media handle you want to promote you could put it on the background.

Deleted comment


10 months ago

OMG my QAnon coworker posted some more nonsense, and another, very feisty coworker is putting her on blast in the comments and I'm waiting anxiously for the response. This is my entertainment now....
I fucking love following that shit.

I'm facebook friends with a close friends mom, and someone tried to post Plandemic on her wall. Her daughter is a fucking doctor and just stepped in and was like "No go away"
Today I remembered I lived during a time where I didn't have to dial an area code before the rest of the phone number and I about aged into dust in that moment.
Remember when we didn’t know who was calling bc caller ID wasn’t a thing 👵🏻
When I was little we had a rotary phone!
I used to love dialing on rotary phones it made me feel fancy lol.

If I had to use one now I'd be really pissed off over how long it took.
Same. The kids will never know how time consuming things were.

Deleted comment

I remember when speed dialing came out, you could assign a phone number to a number on a phone with buttons, and just hit it for the whole phone number.

And you could pay extra to have 3-way calling (you & 2 other people), call forwarding (sending phone calls to another number if you weren't going to be home) & *69 that would call the last number that called you, if you missed the call.

Also remember when calling after 9PM or all day Sunday was cheaper.
I just had a LOVELY interview :) It went so well, and they sound like a dream to work for. Ugh lemme change my life @God, come on!!!
good luck! I hope you get it!
Ooh, best of luck!

*Fingers crossed*
fingers crossed for you bb!!
good luck!
god owes you this tbh!! good luck!
fingers crossed bb!!
Praying to Paimon for you babes
my adorable vintage 80s fanny pack came in the mail the other day, it's soooo cute, I can't wait to use it.
even though this summer won't be the same as the other ones have been, this gives me something to look forward to.
I got my stimulus check and deposited some old childhood savings bonds from my dead great uncle. Definitely a much needed windfall.
One of my Twitter reactions to Katy Perry's...interesting performance on the Disney sing-along thing last week made it into a Harpers' Bazaar article lol

(Rose/Nightattheopera is me, fifth one down I think)
Finally managed to catch a golden trout!!

I was prepared to use up all my bait but didn't need to.

I should work on that...
The hot water heater or the furnace or something down in the basement that I live in (god my life is sad) has been non stop hissing for like half an hour and its driving me insane and i dont know if its normal or if i need to alert the landlords.
Is Tom the male equivalent to Karen? I imagine Chad or Todd...idk why