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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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An elderly family friend who’s 94 is in the hospital because her stomach is bleeding :( We think it’s because her daughter has been giving her naproxen/Aleve for pain. Apparently internal bleeding is a common side effect for naproxen in older people

I have so much anxiety, I just want her to be okay even though you know, she’s 94

so pretty ;_;

Deleted comment

My Name is Khan: that is a terrible Obama impersonator.
Like I read her coming out post and it was nice and it's always nice to see young Brazilian celebs (even tho she's not THAT famous) come out but like it would be nice if she acknowledged the fact that she spent years throwing other gay/bi girls under the bus so she could fit in with the cool kids.

Whatever. It is what it is lmao.
why wouldn't they tell her her whole life that she's adopted? that's fucked up.
Are we going to get that tiny ass computer chip in us aren’t we? Because of new vaccinations. So invasive. So.... weird
Threw some more bleach in my hair may as well really fuck it up
Careful not to burn your scalp!
Thank you but I think I just have a really tough scalp or something, I was using volume 40 and didn’t even feel a tingle

Same thing when I had it professionally done years ago


10 months ago

I wish I had something interesting and prestigious to do
Can you do something that's just interesting? And maybe the prestige can come later.
i should have just let well enough alone, but i had to add to my drink
“Nice for what” just came on.
The last time I vividly remember hearing this song was at my dance class. I was so pumped when I heard it. And I had a crush on my teacher.
Fuck. That feels like a lifetime ago. It’s only been 2 months.

Deleted comment

mandy jiroux and justin gaston follow each other on insta but only mandy follows miley and miley follows neither

thought everyone would like an update
lol i love how you took the time to find this out
i remember their youtube show back in the day, but i never bought their "friendship" at all, even as a kid i thought mandy was pathetic for hanging out with a 15-year-old when she was in her 20s lol
I knowww, it was pretty evident that mandy was using miley but she just didn't see that
but see you again came up in my shuffle and I remembered the scandal of miley changing my best friend leslie says to my best friend mandy says she's just being miley
and that triggered me to oceanup etc etc
Maybe this is how they should teach math in school
i'd love to take in all 4.23 tbh.

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