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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I had a dream that I was a gymnast in the running for the Olympics, even though I couldn't remember doing gymnastics before in my life. Then suddenly I was in a competition, doing all of these fancy moves, even though it was my first time. And everyone was looking at me all sneeringly, like, "Who is THAT newb?" And I felt really exposed and humiliated. (I have had similar dreams, about figure skating and appearing as a contestant on American Idol.)
lol, wait, what? is this real? idek
lol no it isn't but apparently it's based on a real news story
Lmao, isn’t this the “notice me senpai notice me” guy?
this guy.. it's an act right? does he edit himself into these news videos? like the sinkhole one?
The Covid-19 daily infection numbers are going up in Ontario, ugh. It's never going to end

Deleted comment

I can't believe Ontario and Quebec are opening right now, even in small ways. It's fucked up.
Texas too. And the Republicans are like, "wE aRe doIng MOre teStiNg sO it'S eXpecTED."
someone I follow on Twitter pointed out Mother's Day was 2 weeks ago and NOW it's going up

can't wait to see 2 weeks from Victoria Day!
It got warm and everyone got lax about social distancing. We're fucked.

Deleted comment

my arm has been achy all day since last night and I have no idea why. I just put some icyhot stuff on it, it was working earlier, I hope it continues to relieve it.
Maybe you slept on it?
it was hurting even before I went to bed
I'm watching s1 of the 2019 version of Fruits Basket annnnd I hate Tohru with a burning fashion. Dooes she get better?
Fruits Basket is a slow burn reveal of everyone's traumatic back story and their coping mechanisms.
Yeah thats what my roommate keeps saying

But I hate her obnoxious cheery attitude. Like be nice, but learn a fucking thing or 2 about not letting people walk over you girl.


10 months ago

I read like.... a decent chunk of the manga when I was a teen and a fair amount of the 2000s anime. But lmao I think I gave up on it because I couldn't deal with the love triangle-ness of it all.
Not hate and Tohru in the same sentence! But I can understand. What you mentioned is one of the main issues with Tohru and they start exploring that at the end(ish) of season 1. There's specifically one character who brings it up, I can tell you the episode number if you want.
What is your favorite dinosaur?

I like the stegosaurus.
i've always been a fan of any kind of longs necks.
Me too thanks to The Land Before Time.
Pterodactyl, because of the Pink Power Ranger


10 months ago

idk if this is true but apparently dinosaurs had feathers and were more chicken like.


10 months ago

For me its either weird looking or BIG.

Argentiosaurus: Could grow up to 40 m length. insane

Sharovipteryx: Legs as wings? we stan
T-Rex 🦖
I tried the coconut cult vanilla gelato but it basically just tastes like coconut, I'm not mad though it's got a really good flavor. Vanilla was always my fave but I haven't found a good vegan one, even the place I get my ice cream cakes from, their chocolate is great but the vanilla barely tastes like anything.
Any time there's coconut or banana in something, those flavors will be all you taste, even if mixed with other stuff.`
I love watching The Dead Files. They're not Ghost Hunters so instead it just seems like someone is telling you a ghost story for 40 min with some historical facts in the background and I skip

I love this show ! I’m watching now. I like Amy and follow her on Instagram :)
It's the long weekend!!!!

Today's workday felt like it lasted forever.

Can't wait to watch today's Harley Quinn. But first I haven't to finish the last episode of The Great.
I love my friend and how she checks on me, but she calls for hours!
these videos captured the same moment but one was a tv news helicopter and the other was someone on the sidewalk, it’s so cool:

this is pretty interesting
One time I went on a date with a guy that agreed that Wings is better than the Beatles but we never went on a second date and I still think about it.
Everyday I see in the news from “experts” are these from the cdc or from doctors who work for the cdc? And the news is constantly changing so who should we trust?
The news changes bc this is a new virus and they can only hypothesize until we get more data and information. They're not lying so much as working with what they have so it's kind of a wait and see thing.
about fucking time
can't believe he and his lawyer thought that video would exonerate them
yeah he looks like i expected he would.
I was going to say that but I was trying to be nice lol I'm glad he got arrested tho
Looks like he cuts his own hair.
he's got the same haircut as that guy in California with the 12 kids he kept chained to their beds

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