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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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Are we gonna be in our 80s and 90s and still terrified of being in large crowds because of the public health risks?

Nah there will be a vaccine in a year or two.
You're right, but I meant in a PTSD sort of way. Sorry, I wasn't clear.


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

Probably not. The virus will likely be contained and no longer much of an issue by 2023.
No otherwise I would never go back to China. I think when hotspots get smaller or doctors fully understand how to treat it, I’ll be more comfortable. I’m not pinning my hopes on a vaccine but I’m not going to be reckless right now either
For sure some people. I mean the Great Depression really messed with that generation in a PTSD sort of way. Some people stayed frugal for life.


10 months ago

People are generally resilient, we'll bounce back.
nnnnnnnn no

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

omggggg what is he doing to that dog? :(
what reason does he have to kill the dog or abandon it? the dog did nothing wrong and it's not like the dog is going to snitch...
come on friend, call the police, nothing in that phone call sounded genuine, you can't actually buy that!
i just hope she gets her dog back
should i trim my bangs, or begin the healing process?
Are your bangs side swept or straight across?

I’ve always wanted to try curtain bangs, they look so cute. So if they’re straight across maybe grow them out and try styling it like that?
straight across. i tried giving my self side swept, but that didn't work out at all lol
I'm at the point in Stardew where I should prob choose a boo. My top 3 relationships are Shane, Elliott and Haley. I'm torn between Shane, Haley and Harvey tho lmao. I heard Shane is a loser husband and leaves messes everywhere but idkkkk he's so vulnerable. And then I think Harvey's mustache is sexy contrary to the fandom lolol and also I want that dr money but will he only ever talk about healthy shit if I marry him? And then Haley is just hot and my most compatible personality bc I am a vapid narcissistic being at the root of my soul
ah, some pick up truck got the dog, i hope he's safe

come on girl, you're in court/city hall, tell the judge (or justice of the peace whatever) there's people around, they can help!
okay someone dropped the dog at the vet and tracked him through his microchip thank god for those
Thinking about actually watching Angel all the way through in parallel with Buffy on this rewatch. I only watched the first season of it before I bailed, but I've been told most of it is worth watching, and I sure as fuck have the time.

David Boreanaz has had INSANE luck with long-running TV shows: Buffy from 1997 to 1999, Angel from 1999 - 2004, Bones from 2005 to 2017, and now some show called SEAL Team from 2017 to 2020. This dude has been on TV for 23 years straight... How?!?
Do ittttt

It's fun to watch concurrently. But also frustrating because you see all this character growth for Angel on his own show and then when he cameos of Buffy it's like he's back in season 2/3 of Buffy. It's weird.

Seasons 2 and 3 of Angel are excellent. Season 1 has some good points and season 4 also has things that are technically good but lmao I bitter about some things that happen. Season 5 is very up and down for me. But overall still worth watching imo!
not only his luck with tv shows but didn't he get discovered bc he was out walking his dog or something? he wasn't even trying!
lol, ofc he did. some people have all the damn luck!!
For some reason I’ve only watched the last half of the last season of Angel. I remember being so emotionally invested in the series finale and idek why

I think I recorded the show that aired before it but set the vcr recording for 2 or 3 hrs for some reason
Why can't we be lovers tho

who this?
Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr
From now on, I wish to be known as the High Priestess Hortensia Methface.
My favourite joke that I tell myself and others is "I don't mean to complain..."
pretty anti-climactic ending
no exciting fight scene, just the good guy cop shows up in the knick of time and shoots him

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