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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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he picks out her wedding dress for her, he wants her to leave her job for him, this guy sounds controlling af
plus he spies on her, need i say more?
I wonder if the pandemic happened before the primaries, would the public accepted bernie in a more favourable way, esp his view on health care? Even my "weirdest" American friends who think the NHS is a commie thing are now slowly starting to understand that a nationalised health system is a good thing.. Who knows.. Either way next year you'll have an old senile dude leading the country..
I doubt it, honestly.

It seems like the #1 thing for the majority of people was defeating Trump and they felt Biden was the one to do that. I don't think a pandemic would have changed that except it would have made getting rid of Trump feel even more urgent and important.
Maybe but I doubt it. Bernie has a likeability issue that while sometimes has to do with his views, is not 100% the reason for it


May 23 2020, 14:06:04 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 14:06:30 UTC

maybe, but it's also impossible to say since rallies and canvassing were such a fundamental part of primarying and every candidate would be forced to do their campaigning remotely and some of them would probably be way better at that than others. I think whoever was in the lead when the pandemic hit would probably just maintain that lead all the way into Iowa and then things would go from there... although how the fuck would caucusing even work lol
What the ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with people

but that employer without a mask tho!

also, I have seen more men doing this than women but this video has a lot of women, welp.
I’d knock a bitch out. If they coughed on’s a wrap.

I'd be in jail for assault. I'm not even joking, I'll eat the charge.


May 23 2020, 02:54:35 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 02:57:53 UTC

((edit -uh p.s. how do i embed this the other way?))
lol that last thing is like hi5

it should also have a field where you can indicate your current mood, including 'quioxtic', whatever that means.


May 23 2020, 03:03:25 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 03:07:25 UTC

I remember watching this show for just these two and then realizing I stayed since I generally liked the whole show lol

except for season 6... which never happened
I miss all you can eat sushi places.
;_; poor Eowyn
she's royal and she can fight, she doesn't need to cook.
I feel so awful for my friend . His brother (early 30’s) was killed this morning while working on a road construction. There’s nothing I can do to help my friend 🥺

lady, I would leave him right now
ohhhh shit he handcuffed her to a bed? okay nevermind on that plan
Now that we can go out again I downloaded pokemon go again just to motivate me to walk. I'm a moron
OMG btw

did you see this week's Harley Quinn yet?

(lmao you're the only one here that i know watches it ;_;)
The garlic bread I made is sooooo good I want to cry ;_;
Omg I want some
I really stepped it up w/ basil-infused olive oil and a sprinkling of hemp parmesan on top *chef's kiss*

brb getting into my 13 year old feelings
Such a good song

Better than everywhere
such a jam

Michelle Branch went through a phase where she performed this song at shows and only sang the harmony?? it was... interesting
I went on a two hour walk with my friend today! We both wore masks which was uncomfortable but whatever it was really nice and it was a beautiful day, I was able to wear my prescription sunglasses from 5pm-7pm, yay! Also highly recommend prescription sunglasses

Hope everyone is doing okay!
I did a tarot spread and the results are so accurate it's fucking terrifying.
I did one at the beginning of the year and was shooketh bc I had all these big aspirations for this year and was sooo set to do them and it basically told me my year would start out ok and optimistic and then something would change around feb/march and the rest of the year would be super boring and i wouldn't develop much as a person and at the time i was soooo upset over it and now I'm like...whew...makes sense...
Was it like a 12 month spread? Mine was just for the new moon in Gemini but literally everything was about what's been on my mind this week and what I need to do. I feel a bit reassured now that I'm headed in the right direction.


10 months ago


10 months ago

I know YouTube couples break up all the time but it's really a shock when the most innocuous among them. And all over chasing subscriber puss. Men stay trash. 😔