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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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I need your great diverse taste, ontd!

What’re some good supernatural podcasts?
I told a friend that the only one he listened to was hosted by a plagiarist, but I told him I’d ask on here for recs!
Astonishing Legends is good but really really long and in depth
And That's Why We Drink is a combo of paranormal and true crime
Do you mean for stories? I love Lore for going into the reasons that people started believing in things like vampires and werewolves. There's almost always an explanation for it and it's pretty fascinating.
I've gained some weight during this whole corona virus thing. It has disrupted my daily routine. I've neglected doing exercises since I have no motivation. When I'm upset, I start eating, even though I'm not hungry. I was avoiding the scale for weeks but finally weighed myself today. I know what I need to do, it's just so hard to fall back into good habits.
There’s this one beginner core exercises video that I’ve watched every day for a month but I’ve only actually done it a few times. It’s just a nice reminder that it’s achievable even if I’m not doing it every day

It’s hard to be kind to yourself when you’re in a cycle of stress eating and it’s hard to get into a good routine but if you’ve done it before, you can do it again! That hasn’t changed. Setbacks are hard but celebrate the small steps because it’s momentum!
Do what feels right
I'm still mad at the series finale of true blood
I’m so sad how that show turned out

I think I watched 3 seasons? Whatever season had fairies introduced I bailed
on the plus side, imo the first 3-4 seasons hold up for a rewatch. they made me nostalgic, esp. S1 &S2, like 'wow this show really was fun!'


10 months ago


10 months ago

They did Tara dirty
I found out yesterday that my team is working at home indefinitely. We're one of the few at my work and I feel kinda guilty for being lucky.
my new apt doesn't have a washer/dryer but it has hookups for a stackable one, so we were gonna buy one, but my bf just discovered the two-in-one machine (although I swear I've mentioned them to him before, lol) and we're thinking of that now. it's similar in price to what we were looking at. we've used one before that he doesn't remember but I liked it, I think. anyone have a two-in-one washer/dryer? do you like it?
I found my old characters I created for a story I had planned to write.

Ahhhhh the memories, maybe I should try to pick this up again. I would have to do tons of revising and editing the characters, as I’m finding plenty of things 18 year old me approved of but 28 year old me is like ‘hard nooooo.’ Life experience definitely shapes how I view these characters behaviors now

But even if I were to try to write this for real, world building is no joke. Creating the characters was the easy part lol
It’s going to be in the 90s end of next week. Let’s hope that the forecast changes before then, too damn hot.
This is accurate
I can't get over the NEGATIVITY on here towards Rain on Me. It's catchy and positive and they look so cute in the video and are just HAPPY. And I mean "I'd rather be dry but at least I'm ALIVE!" who DOESN'T feel that right. I'm dancing with tears in my eyes by kesha.


May 23 2020, 02:50:27 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 02:53:36 UTC

Sorry but I can’t separate art from the artist, my opinion of those two have really soured. Years ago I still liked them but things have changed for me anyways.

But I just skipped the post since I have no intention of watching.

But you enjoy it and you made a personal connection to it, that’s all that matters
Oh that's understandable! The negativity was more like "outdated" "boring" etc. not about the artists.


10 months ago

I haven’t listened to it yet and I don’t understand the single cover BUT most people I know seem to enjoy it!
I think cause gaga is known to do better so it feels settled
My phone charger is dying and Walmart isn't 24 hours anymore so I can't get a new one till morning.
proposing through a magic trick? laaame
does anyone have any good skin masks or foot peel masks from ulta?
*also recs for an eye cream
I enjoy the TonyMoly ones!

Deleted comment

why is there to watch her try on her wedding dress?
more My Name is Khan. Bush Deux at a college campus in California? he'd've been booed.