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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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Anyone have any experience with taking mushrooms? Like what was it like? I want to try micro dosing for my depression and unfortunately I’m going in blind.
let me know if you do it and how it goes, been trying to do that myself but idk where to get shrooms from
Will do. I got lucky and scored some for covering a shift, haha.
I've only taken them once (in a regular size dose that lasted many, many hours) but it was a very chill experience. I was walking around just looking at things, sitting in front of a bonfire just staring at it... never wondering about how much time passed, just content.


11 months ago

i've had really good experiences but this one time we were out in the middle of the desert backpacking/camping and we all took shrooms except for one person who was sober to make sure the rest of us didn't die. i heard my hair growing. i saw a giant fox that i thought was my spirit animal and i chased it around the campsite. my sober friend told me i was kicking around a can of beer
i know a lot of people think it's lame but i'm still going out and banging pots every night at 7pm. people are still dying and there's still new cases every day where i live. and i know there are at least a dozen first responders in my neighbourhood so i'm going to keep doing it even if i'm the only one lmfao.

Deleted comment

it just feels important to show support for people working right now and tbh it's cathartic. i also have a friend who is a nurse in the icu and even though i know she can't hear me i think of her whenever i do it.

i'm in canada and people have been doing it every night here. sometimes my neighbour puts his drumset out in his yard and does a drum solo. there's also someone who plays the bagpipes some nights. i've heard about an old guy who plays oh canada every night on his trumpet too which is kind of cute.
Yep, I do it too even though we don't have too many cases anymore. My complex was pretty loud with air horns and bells and pots but I've noticed the last few days it's getting a bit quieter.
I'm in Canada too
so far ive had three bday parties on animal crossing since we all have been locked up and it so fun

just a bunch of drunk 25yr olds playing tag with the nets...
check the most recent posts, she’s lost her damn mind wtf
are you talking about lana or the page admin? because you honestly have to be out of it to run a fanpage to begin with tbh
oops i was just about to edit but lana, but fanpages are usually run by bored teens

Deleted comment

It's going to be almost 30 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today.

Deleted comment

It came out a little sourdough-y, but it's good.
Looks yummy, and I'm not even a fan of bread.
looks great! i'm close to making a couple of loaves because i want to make chrissy teigen's cheesy bread
slather it with butter and no one will care
Oh you know I did.
I'm almost done with school and I seriously cannot wait to just think about dumb shit like the Sims for the rest of the year.
holy shit he strangled his pregnant ex? (assuming she was pregnant?)
idk if he killed her or not, but shit
the dealership i bought my car at sent me a postcard saying "low rates" "cash back" "financing" etc but it's like, i just bought a new car from you assholes a few months ago. if you're not giving me some of the money i spent back then don't bother
WOW that's a bold move
they're just rubbing in the fact that i don't have a second car


11 months ago

so bizarre! like, how often does that work exactly??

I hope that as all the new people get into Avatar since it's on Netflix now, more people join me in absolutely hating the endgame romance.
i made maangchi's spicy tuna stew for dinner and it was pretty good, but very oily. i had to add some white wine vinegar to cut through it all.

also my fam came through with the bday cash early since its on Monday. I'll prob just transfer it to savings lol. i also have a $125 in target giftcards to spend so trying to figure out what to get from there first before i spend anymore of my actual money. maybe some new sheets?
you guys, i'm on episode 8 or 9 of lilo's mykonos show and getting invested in a plotline WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE
wow I completely forgot about this

I got a COVID test yesterday and I think my anxiety is creating more symptoms while I wait for the results

I have awful allergies lately so I'm hoping it's all related to that but I have a chesty cough so I'm on edge
hope you get the all clear ASAP. <3
thank you!

Deleted comment


11 months ago

Fingers crossed it’s negative!


11 months ago

Good luck!

Tbh I had a really bad allergy related cough that got worse because of my asthma. This year’s allergy season has been unbelievably bad where I live