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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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I have these awesome massive fuzzy pillows from Pier1. I thought with them going out of business I could get a good deal and get new ones, but they're barley on sale.

Going down the royal rabbit hole is a trip:

-"Her husband is her husband two or three times in twenty four hours, a matter which interests her. In spite of this, there is a sadness, a boredom, an invincible disgust. I think it must be due to her health or it is unnatural, she has no taste for anything at all. It is not that she regrets her life in Vienna"
-"The couple's marital passion astonished the Queen who: 'asked heaven to calm their over-excited senses by sending them children.'"
"how dare these recently married young people be horny!"
This line from ~ 2023 in the Parks & Rec finale: "Stock market tanked, credit dried up; who could've predicted that the country would run out of beef!" 😬
my disaster/apocalypse/pandemic watch continues!!

carriers -- whole lotta nothing but little baby sally drapper causing drama as usual lmaooooo

panic in the streets -- whew lmao. it feels so morbid to watch the things that happen here basically happen now irl.
apparently it's gonna rain tomorrow, booooooo
He was such a good dragon 😭
i've been binging modern family & i'm not ready for the finale bc i know i'm going to bawl ughghgh
Are you binging on usa or is it available sequentially somewhere?
i'm in canada so it's on netflix here!
We are having an eventful walk!
Right out the gate, I see my dog’s best friend 50 fret away. She’s a mini poodle puppy and my dog is a pit lab mix. So they play, but they’re playing is more my dog mock biting and nuzzling and she pounces my dog. They play for 5 minutes or so and we start walking together.
Half a block later, we see my dog’s girlfriend! She’s a white pit. They play like dinosaurs / like how simba and scar wrestled. My typically silent dog roars. Best walk ever for him.
your dog has a more active social life than I
Oh to be touched! I just want a massage. Damn it.
I love this
it's so muggy and gross in this house. i'm so happy my new place has central air.
Is anyone watching Below Deck this season with the sailing yacht? It's been so boring but last weeks ep was the kind of reality tv I love.
No, I couldn't get into the first couple episodes.
yes, and i've hated every second of this season

adam and jenna are the woooooooooooooooooooooooooooorst. i wish it had been lee or sandy talking to jenna, glen is way too nice

if it comes back, it will have to be with a completely different cast, except for georgia
omgggggg can you imagine what Glenn would have said to Jenna when she was like "you're affecting my personal life, JUST SO YA KNOW"?? She was so horrible to Madison and Georgia afterwards too, it was mind-boggling. The whole "you don't walk with purpose" smdh


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

More interested in Llama Del Rey's story tbh

lmao i’ve been calling her llama since her debut (i was a huuuge fan of hers too) but i even used it irl i never referred to her as lana, just llama

she doesn’t even deserve that now


May 23 2020, 01:41:12 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 01:42:49 UTC

They changed my hours yesterday mid-shift, 45 minutes before they suddenly decided I was supposed to sign off. So obviously I missed their email and worked according to the schedule they gave me earlier in the week. So today I only got to work for one hour lmaooooo sf ridiculous

I made roasted garlic bread w/ basil infused olive oil and hemp heart "parmesan" though and it's delightful
I am committing to washing my makeup brushes before FFA tomorrow. And then I shall brag to you all about how productive and amazing I am.

My other goal for tomorrow is to organize my embroidery stuff.


May 23 2020, 01:42:05 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 01:42:59 UTC

So I never really gave a shit about my balconey cause I could just go outside when I wanted to. But now? I've decided I'm going to upgrade that fucker and maybe even use that as a place to work for a bit just to break up the day.

I ordered a bunch of shit from ikea (which will be ready for pick up in like 3 weeks lol) and got a flamingo watering can from the dollar store and just planted some ivy so I can grow a little privacy trellis and block out my neighbours. Going to try to create a little tropical lounge for myself and hope it keeps me occupied/same for the rest of the summer.


May 23 2020, 01:42:48 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 01:43:20 UTC

Nicholas Hoult is hilarious in The Great! I'm loving this show. I'm even liking Elle Fanning
Elle is shockingly good in it, imo.

And yeah Nicolas Hoult is fantastic as per usual.
They are both giving career best performances. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the show because of them.
Elle is great but he is the true star of the show for me. I genuinely love that show, I hope they can both get some awards huzzaaaah