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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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I hope my Yesstyle orders ship soon T T I ordered them at the beginning of the month.....

tbh a Kbeauty company I love released a new cushion for summer and I really want to try it so...
Happy Friday! One day before my vacation. Not a real one because where the hell am I gonna go? I just have too many hours and the fiscal year is ending soon so I have to finish using them up.


May 23 2020, 01:13:27 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 01:14:01 UTC

i ordered an oreo blizzard with brownie pieces and chocolate sauce. am i internally screaming excitedly inside? yes. will i regret this later? also yes.
holy fuck omg that sounds so gooddddddd
yassssss. it tastes just like their brown earthquake they discontinued awhile ago but without the whip cream sadly. i'm so excited tho.
that sounds so good.
that sounds heavenly
omg enjoy


May 23 2020, 01:14:36 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 01:21:18 UTC

Cute + ready to kill a man

Of course
skeleton for sure
demon with 1000 eyes and anxiety is my whole aesthetic
Hahaha, skeleton thrilled by impulse purchase, of course.
today i am virgin mary regretting my life choices
demon with 1000 eyes and anxiety
I'm definitely the monk stealing all the beer and a bit of oh I'm hanging in there.
Skeleton thrilled by recent impulse purchase.
Demon with 1000 eyes and anxiety is my usual

Deleted comment

my mom is making this right now and my sis doesn't like it so more for me hehe
The Hawaiian place by my apartment that has delicious lilikoi ice tea is back open for take out. Excited!
That sounds so good.
i tried to pack things gradually so i wouldn't have to do everything all at once but now here i am 2 days before i move with only a few boxes packed. sadoiuaduoaidu.
stress packing is pretty fun though esp with alcohol and no organizational plan
lol yeah i'm going to the liquor store tomorrow so i'm sure that'll help lmao
be still my heart

He's honestly a delightful dragon with dodgy acting ability lol

fuck david thewlis for making this dragon die
He really is vile in this movie.
such a handsome dragon
This movie makes me bawl everytime.
Isn't he Sean Connery??


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

my roommate is OBSESSED with money. it's all she ever talks about. she's complaining about not making enough at her job when 1) most of our friends are unemployed rn 2) she has the most money out of a lot of my friends and is the stingiest/always trying to get people to pay for her. It's all she ever talks about and it's really making me resent her
what's her end game with money? like is she obsessed because she wants to meet certain financial goals?
no...she just likes having it. she's never talked about buying a house, going on vacation etc..her parents pay for her vacations and she gets them to pay for anything she can. she also cannot read the room..pretty much everyone in our friend group is going through a really rough time financially and all she talks about is either how many bonuses shes gotten or how shes not making enough (even though its plenty to live off of)
I feel you, I had friends like that in my 20s and as I got older my values changed a bit and I honestly had no interest in maintaining the friendships. Like, yea I like nice shit too but the whole obsession with getting rich and using wealth and job titles to define people? Not into it.


10 months ago

I work with a guy like this, he makes twice as much as I do and he loves to come into my office and whine about money and how he doesn't have enough of it to buy all the stupid shit he "needs." It's so tacky and obnoxious and I feel like it's something most people never grow out of, no matter how much they make.


10 months ago


10 months ago

i have a friend like this, she acts like being obsessed with money is a cute character trait
I think my mom has ADD. She's always had trouble concentrating and remembering things even when I was a kid, and she herself said she was always a very active child. She always has to be doing something but she can't be doing more than one thing at a time or she can't do it right.
it's not like she was going to get diagnosed in 1960s india
my aunt is exactly like that and i'm almost certain she'd be diagnosed with ADD if she was tested
I don’t have to come into work tomorrow so I’m gonna bake this:

Wish me luck baking isn’t my strong suit but I can read and follow directions so...*fingers crossed*
apple pie is pretty simple once you get started! you got this!

Deleted comment

I got a paper cut on a cuticle

Oooooof RIP
I'm sort of obsessed with blogs/Reddit about insane mommy nonsense, and a new one even to me.

okay fine, die then
god created the sun but then who invented skin cancer???????
oh my god what, is this advice for mothers to use on their children

lmao using sunscreen and sunglasses block the essence of god from entering our body lmao what even
Omg what the fresh fuck?
Yeah... the second degree burn I had a child says otherwise.