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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

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my moms doctor didnt call today, so now we probably wont have results until tuesday!
my dad must have read my mind because i opened up the fridge to see a package of hot dog weenies, lol. i was craving them.
The Wilson Bethel tag is a thing of beauty. It's very distracting.

Lord, HAVE MERCY! The first one. I can't even. So hot.

well i... i don't know what to say...

he looks like a popsicle with hair
He is exactly the level of muscular I like

Deleted comment

my mom bought me some winnie the pooh bedroom decals as a joke to cheer me up since covid has been getting me down. little did she know i'm going to put them up lmfao.
i sold my first item ever on Depop! i put the same item on poshmark and people tried to lowball me like crazy. why would offer $75 on something listed for $125?
I made an instagram story with 10 frames that are a capital quiz.

What I've gathered is, out of my followers:

I had one US Capital and everyone is getting it wrong (Oregon)
Madagascar was one. I put the correct answer, and then made up bullshit names for the others (and everyone thinks the right answer is Madagascar City)
For Malaysia, I put the actual capital, and the rest are cities outside the country. Most people are doing well but a lot have guessed Singapore.
For the UAE, a lot of people have guessed Dubai which is fair, but 2 other options are names of skyscrapers in the middle east, and they are popular guesses.
I had to go see my dentist twice during lockdown and next Tuesday I have to go to the oral surgeon for an extraction 😬 My teeth fucking hate me, this exactly the kinda shit they would pull.

the amount of comments asking if this is real...
omg that's what it reminded me of!! i could never figure it out lmao

Deleted comment

having any kind of brand surrounding being a couple i feel like is a relationship death sentence
ooooh what was that one obnoxious couple... I feel like they may have faked a miscarriage? Ugh was it those Frozen parents??

Deleted comment

I ordered some clothes today and they already shipped! I am shook
The Target items I ordered today shipped within like two hours of placing my order. I was shocked! Like damn!
all the dennys in my area are closing and im really sad about it.
for financial reasons? oh no!
yeah :( its very sudden too. one of the locations just got remodeled.


10 months ago


10 months ago

Denny's depends on people being able to come in, so that's not surprising


10 months ago

They should have that man and the cook who fight each other go on a country wide tour to each restaurant.
In these trying times, I present my favorite YT video that I forgot was my favorite two years ago

I appreciate brands being inclusive, but it still makes me so self conscious. I'm not as skinny as their fit models, but the girls with more weight always carry weight in all the right ways. Like they're bigger, but somehow their stomach is still flat. Meanwhile I'm skinny everywhere but look 3 months pregnant.
im sorry bb :( its bullshit how theres only an "acceptable" way to be plus size, everyone still goes for the super dramatic hourglas shape.

if it makes you feel better, theres a ton of editing and posing trickery. following accounts like @beauty.false and @celebface help make me feel better when i get down. even when i was thin, i never had a small waist and flat stomach

Deleted comment

"Why do you want to work at [company]?"

It falls in line with what I do. That's it. I really do not care.
literally the worst fucking question. Like sorry CashApp, I want to work here because I need the money and it seems mildly interesting/relevant? F off
Funny, the company I applied to owns Cashapp 🙃 I have nothing against them it just didn't really grab me. It has that Jack Dorsey money behind it but eh I just don't feel 'em.
mfte!! I hate that interviews are a way for companies to get ppl to grovel. I need money and can do whatever shit it is I'm applying for. Why does it need to be more than that

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