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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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I’m starting to get anxious about leaving my dogs when I move lol one of my dogs takes anti seizure medication 2x a day and my family forgets at least once a week to give it to him. I would never remove him from my home since he would be very unhappy being away from my other dog and the rest of my family but it makes me SO NERVOUS
Can you get a really annoying timer to let your family know when to give the dog meds? Or set a timed reminder in the phone of your most reliable family member?
They have an Alexa that reminds them aloud every day

Yes queen
At quick glance I thought it was skateboarding.
I have extra food stamps so I'm debating on going to trader joe's or whole foods, which one do y'all prefer? I've never been to either lol
Trader Joe’s is cheaper but Whole Foods is comparable imo to Big Y and Stop and Shop price wise. I’m a poor college student so I usually go with Trader’s lol They dont really have name brands though but have a lot of things that are comparable if not better than name brands imo
Trader Joe's has a lot of unique items!
Trader Joe's for sure. Way cheaper, better food, great selection. Whole Foods is just shit you can get at any grocery store that is inexplicably marked up.
Trader Joe's.
Trader Joe's has more fun options
Trader Joe’s for sure

Even before amazon got involved, WF had same selection to other stores by me but more expensive, I didn’t get the hype

But TF was like going into a whole new world lmao
Trader Joe's!
has anyone negotiated rent before? I am in LOVE with an apartment I found but its...$95 over my budget lol
I didnt know you could
depends how competitive it is to get the place - some landlords just give it to the highest bidder
no, but this honestly seems like a good time to try it.
lol im gonna try to negotiate mine down
The only way I've seen people be able to negotiate rent is if they sign a lease that's greater than one year. However, in most major metros the rental market is so competitive that doesn't work anymore.
I'm making banana walnut bread! Forgot to chop the walnuts before adding them so they'll probably all sink to the bottom.
im watching harry potter and the chamber of secrets and professor mcgonagall is teaching a lesson on "transforming animals into water goblets".

WHEN WOULD ANYONE NEED TO DO THAT THO??? is this the hogwarts version of teaching people math theyre never going to use in real life
The only way it would make sense is if some more important spells called for water goblets they were formerly animals.
How dare you I use geometry proofs daily!
I mean its babysteps in teaching transfiguration and then if youre a really good wizard - an Animagi (changing oneself into an animal at will) so its not completely useless.
animal rights activists would have a hard time being wizards
Now that you mention it, did they teach math at Hogwarts? lol Would Potions count as math?


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

In keeping with this week's theme, I ordered myself two new vibrators only find that one of them is defective. No, I haven't used it cause I couldn't even charge it but like come the fuck on. Now I have to go through the process of doing a return and dammit, I just wanted to experience a different kind of orgasm!
Now that I've seen Breaking Bad and am watching Better Call Saul, I had to go back and watch some clips of Bob Odenkirk as Pa March in Little Women. It's kind of hilarious. When I first saw the movie, I was like, "Wow, Kevin Costner looks kind of weird," and my friend was like, "That's SAUL!" But hey, he does kind of look like Kevin Costner, the resemblance was even written into the show!
lolol, I love that you thought it was Kevin Costner. I saw Little Women at the movies with my mom and as soon as we saw Bob Odenkirk's name come up we gave each other a look and went "Saul!" We were weirdly excited to see him in this role.
I’m glad Gaga and Ari gave me a song I deserve instead of that I dare you trash from kelly clarkson

Lol sorry kelly is my #1 forever but she hyped that song up as her favorite thing she’s ever done and it sounds like a throw away charity single to me
I never really liked Kyle Mooney, but I just really dislike him now. He is rarely funny. I'm tired of him and Beck and their bromance and I used to like Beck. I've always enjoyed SNL, even when everyone else says it's bad, but I'm getting tired of things lately.
Never found him funny and those digital shorts he does with beck are painful
oh man I get it but I really love Inside SoCal
there is a fucking fly in my house and I can't catch it
it took me nine fucking minutes to catch it wtf
For me it's Scotch or Whiskey. I can't do the dark liquors and just smelling them makes my stomach turn.
not a fan of gin. i usually stick to rum or vodka.
Beer in general, I can only drink wine with a big meal

Opposite from you lol I lean more towards scotch, whiskey, rum.
I can’t drink beer. I’m okay with anything else.
Beer and whiskey. It all tastes like medicine to me. Also straight tequila.
scotch. i got drunk of scotch and soda at a work xmas party years ago and could not remember half the night and what I did. the thought of drinking it again turns my stomach. never again.

Deleted comment

omg that's so cool
i love it so much already. if my house is ever on fire i'm grabbing my usb w all my pictures and this blanket lmao.
Ok, the Disney Singalong is on again and it's been 20 years since I saw Hercules and I never got the joke "He can tell you what the Grecians Earn" until I saw the lyrics lmao
What's the joke? Side note: I have never seen Hercules.

I think they just went with wordplay over anything else, but I laughed.

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