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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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So I've been staying at a friend's condo since March while he's in California.

Today he texted me and asked me to check on some wiring outside, so to go to the top floor and go out the first door....
to a rooftop patio, with furniture, place to lay out, views of the downtown skyline.

Been here since MARCH, by myself, there's like 2 windows in this place, and you never told me you had a rooftop deck???
I really want to write more but I hit my daily goal and also wanna make sure I don’t overwork my hand.
Happy Friday ONTD!!

Should I order vegan food from door dash or attempt to eat something at home and have some restraint? 🙃
its a holiday weekend.. treat yaself!
vegan door dash!
So many fitness influencers act like protein powder is super delicious. I've used protein powder for years, many different brands, but I'm not about to pretend a protein bar or protein powder tastes great. Maybe it's my taste buds, but once I add protein powder to something all I can taste is the protein powder.
Yea it ruins smoothies imo. I have a chocolate one and it doesn't even taste bad, but if I want a chocolate smoothie cacao tastes way better bc like you said, with the protein it's al I can taste. I bought a superfoods one by mistake once though and that one was bad.
I have a salted caramel one and cookies and cream. They're not bad, but they taste so artificial it ruins everything it touches.
They’re awful.
A lot of fitness people I’ve followed over the years have fucked up relationships with food, so I soon realized why plenty of them were so into protein powder.
protein powder is disgusting
I have to chug it
Having taco pizza and blueberry beer before the 5th old wakes up, happy friday Y’all
blueberry beer sounds amazing
Ugh blueberry beer sounds delicious, what brand is it?
Local brewery in Montana its called Blue Fog
Blueberry is my favorite fruit i would LOVE to have this once this is all over :o
if you want to make money right now, sell your workout stuff on facebook marketplace. i've been looking for olympic weights and everyone is selling for an insane markup. people are also buying new stock from places like academy and reselling for profit. it's terrrrrrible. all i want are some weights because i'm not going back to my gym rn!!
I honestly hate resellers bc of the ridiculous markups, I wanted a Starbucks tumblr and some girl on Etsy was selling the new summer ones (that weren't even out at the time yet it was pre-order so who knows how she was getting them) for like 70 bucks, how are you going to jack the price up that much? Like seeing girls sell their obviously used clothes for almost retail, I cannot.
i don't even watch 90 day fiance/before the 90 days but i can't stop watching clips and commentary about rose and ed. i hope rose and her son are happy and healthy.
she has a tiktok account and posted a bunch of videos with her son. It was cute.
ohh i only follow her on insta so i'll have to check.

i kind of hope we get to see her put ed in his place again. but i can't deal with him continuing to play the victim.


10 months ago

I’m making cookies from scratch for the first time this weekend and the ingredients for cookies from Antoni in the kitchen and BA’s best choc chip cookies are exactly the same unless I’m missing something lol
that happens a lot with cookie recipes, in my experience!
Makes sense!

I was just browsing both recipes and was like wait a damn minute... lol
i had a sexy dream about a hot cosplayer i found on tiktok and im judging myself rn
its kylosgotcake :( i accept juddgement bc i deserve it


10 months ago


10 months ago

my kale salad was so good.. I love sesame ginger salad dressing
badly drawn boy has a new album today! i didn't realize he was still recording music since i get all my news from 2 websites. yay!
I bought a mint plant yesterday!

I was going to buy a basil plant but I have basil seeds already

Just dont plant it in the ground. I saw a video of a lady who did and it multiplied all over her garden
Yeah I saw that mint will overtake everything so I'm just going to get a pot for it
100% my dad stupidly planted mint into the ground of our old home and within a year it took everything over and we just had mint instead of grass.

Apparently morning glory’s are the same.


10 months ago

The logo's a good idea! Maybe it'd at least make it seem purposeful and not like I'm trying to hide something...
My boss said my job is looking into extending the work from home thing until January and I'm so happy, mainly because things are not looking good so I'll feel more safe not going to work everyday when the pandemic is still going but also I'm loving working from home, no commute, no packing lunch, no small talks with coworkers, visits from my cat, browsing ONTD when I have nothing to do, alcohol during works hours, it's the best!

But I do miss seeing my crush ever day :(
aw that's nice!
A Tiktok just came across my dash of a teenage girl showing a private message from P*r*z H*lt*n calling her a dumb cunt and that she should sit on a cactus after she made a video about him (no idea what the video was about cause I couldn't find it so she might have deleted)

Hes as wonderful as ever

Deleted comment