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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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Imma gonna snack on takis (thinking of you stewie_e) and hot Cheetos 🙏🏾
Man, the things people do for their grandkids that they never would have done for their own kids!
omg i say this to my mother every day lol! but shes a troll, so she just laughs at me
or even for other kids but not their own (as I remind my mom constantly)
lol this is amazing, but that kid looks bored.
omg this is so cute :3
yesss going backwards is the best
This week has been ROUGH. First off, how the fuck is it Friday again? Anyway, lots of tears, lots of questioning my self worth and my life as a whole.I am trying to get a new perspective though. I feel like maybe this is the universe's way of tossing me in the deep end and it's up to me to just swim. I don't want to get too deep into my plans but I think I just need to take action and do SOMETHING! And yes, I know the random capitalization makes me look like a boomer but I'm too lazy to bold my letters.
Hugs 💞 good luck 🍀
I love how people think they're going to the beach this weekend, the high for Sunday/Monday is low 60s, and it always feels colder there. I feel like I remember this time of year being warmer as a kid tbh, for the past decade it's been mostly rainy and cool on my birthday (early june).
It's so nice to have a break from the routine with Monday being, at the very least, a day off.
im craving something sweet but i dont know WHAT.
Not knowing what you're craving is the worst.

I hope you find the right sweet
Ice cream!
im eating some but its not satisfying :(
I’ve been craving chocolate like a mad lady and it’s so frustrating to not have any. I hate cravings lol
So my brothers move/job has been pushed back until the end of July.

And apparently they've been talking about him moving solo and my sis in law/the kids moving up here with her mom or my parents. They're leery of putting thier kids back into school (2 & 5) bc of covid and would want my mom to teach (former elem. School Teacher/school director) them.

I hope things are better by the fall so they doubt fell the need to do this(though id love them being closer) But I'm not confident :(
Man, I feel bad for your family. I hope y'all stay safe.
You're so kind. No need to feel bad. I think it's fine for the most part. Not the way they thought things would turn out. But My brother and sis in law still have thier jobs. It's just he was supposed to transfer to another state.

I would feel bad if they were all separated but they just want the kids safe. :(
Man all the fanfic writers I befriended are so good with using twitter lmaooooooo. They engage with other writers but also their fans and are constantly talking about the wips, answering questions and giving sneak peaks fhdhsj. I’m in awe of the social media savvy. I started a completely new ao3 and I technically have an account to match it but I can barely arse myself to be on my personal Twitter lol.
I'm too intimidated to engage with fanfic writers on twitter even though I have a side account just for fandom! Even on my side tumblrs I can't bring myself to talk about writing. On the other hand, I wracked up some decent mutuals when I leaned into shitposts, crack theories, and images, lol, so I did eventually find a fandom outlet.
the writers i've met are all really nice!! I didn't feel that comfortable talking about writing at first but I sorta talk about it freely now. I just wish I was better at building a fanbase like them but then I dont devote myself to the fandom as completely.


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

I have twitter but I forget I have it.

My poor reviewers/readers. Although, most of mine prefer if I answer them on Ao3.

So, don't feel bad!
I'm in a Facebook group for my neighbourhood and someone made a post about how to gently tell friends to wear their masks and I made an offhand comment about how I went to the ice cream shop today and three different white boomer age people were in there not wearing masks. And of course I get a response about how age and colour don't matter. Ugh, I wish I had an article about the inherent racism in white boomers' entitlement.
White people love to point out the race or ethnicity or others but once you "other" them they get super heated lol
The U.S. birth rate is at its lowest in 35 years

I would expect it to get lower in the next few years.
When will we reach handmaid's tale numbers?

This hand sanitizer is so pretty lol

I would order some but I’m pretty stocked up so I should leave it for people who need it
I like herbivore, these are cute.
I really like their blue tansy acid mask
omg thanx for sharing just got one for my aunt <3
I just had gelato with berries for dinner bc I wasn't too hungry and had chinese for lunch but now I want actual food.
So I was pretty happy with the She-Ra ending, but one thing that REALLY bugged me was that they introduced some characters in one episode, had those characters state that they were going to be part of the Rebellion... and then those characters NEVER showed up again.
Anyone else watch Sweet Magnolias on Netflix?

It was qt, but what the hell at that ending...
yes, I like it, but I'm only on episode 4.
when i get on my laptop again i wanna make one of them hugging it was so cute
ugh it was! i have this one, you're welcome to use :)


10 months ago


10 months ago

Omg is that the lyric lmao I thought it was I’d rather be drunk