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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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I've bought some vaccine stocks
Okay, I have to ask. How do you get started into investing your money in the stock market?
all you need is an online trade (like etrade?) account, actually. lol
idk where you live, but I'm sure you can find a lot of online brokers in your country.
Anyone have an advice keeping cats from eating house plants. I have a plant that is non-toxic for cats, but I still don't want them to eat it.

I have tried putting lime peels around it. Because I read that cats don't like the smell of citrus. That doesn't seem to keep Dave away. I read you can make a dilute lemon juice solution and spray it on the leaves.

I also read about sprinkling chili powder, but I am afraid of some getting on his paws and getting on his eyes.
dowsing them with vinegar maybe? they hate the smell
I don't know about limes, but I know for sure they don't like oranges.
Watching Twice’s debut stage 😭 it’ll be 5 years ago they debuted this year. My babies are growing up so fast

Also I miss when Twice associated themselves with Halloween, their debut month. I wish JYPE would throw this once a bone and do something Halloween related this year
lol, what did she actually say to (finally) merit cancellation? The Twitter trend is just giving me kpop gifs and very few answers.
This thread has the info in the replies! You can take some with a grain of salt but yeah
yo here's a wet and wild story

I was telling my neighbor that I'm excited for it to be warmer so I can go diving again and he was like want to know how my brother died? and I was like dude, I was at your brother's funeral I know how he died and he was like no, my other brother

way back in the 70s he and his two brothers were out in the middle of the long island sound and his one brother had a heavy metal diving suit idk what its called but the one with like a hose so he could breathe because tanks didn't exist back then and he was down there for a bit and my neighbor and his other brother went to pull him up and nada gone just rig and the hose were all they pulled up

he's just somewhere at the bottom of the long island sound still, they never found his body and I was like shocked and my neighbor was like yeah, it was a practically brand new diving suit too.... um okay
well that's a horrific way to die


May 23 2020, 00:05:01 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 00:05:39 UTC



May 23 2020, 00:02:23 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 00:03:28 UTC

any favorite indian dishes that aren't cream based?
Aloo Jeera and aloo gobi!
Nope! jk jk, channa masala I guess, although we call it sholay. But really, shahi paneer is perfection. But that's def cream based.
i LOVE paneer tbh and i haven't met a vegetable i don't like so if you have other recs 👀


10 months ago

Biryani, palak paneer, tandoori fish
tandoori, dal tadka


May 23 2020, 00:50:26 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 00:51:22 UTC

masala dosa! aloo sabzi, khichidi, chicken 65, vada sambar, biryani, pulao (although I guess those have yogurt for the marinade), qeema aloo, idli, ummmm
that's all I can think of rn

any dal that isn't dal makhani

Deleted comment

Wayfair has nicer ones for way cheaper, bb.
The problem for me is that I have a small space for the vanity and the ones that I like on Wayfair are too big. They do have smaller ones, but the either don't have the storage space or I hate the style.
I bought this one for my daughter. She loves the amount of storage it has.


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

my spectrum tv cable was out so they sent a tech this morning to fix it. i wasn't keen on anybody coming into my home but i pay for a service and i want to be able to use it. he was in my apt for about an hour. he had on a facemask, gloves, shoe protectors. he was very professional and helpful and even looked at my internet/router for me. i tried to tip him and he initially refused but i told him to think about it as me buying him lunch. my friend says she wouldn't have tipped but i think since he's putting himself at risk, the least i can do is give him $40 and a handful of disposable facemasks. anybody who is an essential worker i want to tip. i'd tip my grocery cashier if they had a tip jar.
that's very kind of you
We ordered Indian for the first time in months and wow was it good.
Are you me? I just ordered some Indian today and finished it off with some Ben and Jerry’s. Life is good 😎
I'm missing the Indian place near my office but I do have some Ben & Jerry's here... mmmm


10 months ago

i need to do this it’s been so LONG
I live in san diego, ca, and i just saw that some restaurants i follow on IG are opening for dine in. Ffs, we are not even done with the first wave and now we're merrily ushering in the second. *headwall*
I know, it seems like this country just seems determined to bring on a second wave. All I can do is hope and pray no one in my family, my friends or anyone I care about get it. They can get it, idc, just don't give it to anyone I know.
Its genuinely terrifying. I wish you the best, bb
It's terrible, but I see this and my first thought is still how I'd sell a kidney to live in San Diego, I love it there so much. TELLL ME IT'S HORRIBLE.


10 months ago


10 months ago


10 months ago

Deleted comment


10 months ago

At this point I'm already mentally preparing for the worst; that this will kill 10% of the US population
soooooo anyone else see Khloe's newest instagram post? I saw it on r/instagramreality and I thought the poster was trolling because it looks absolutely nothing like her. I had to go through her pics on her page. she looks like a completely different person. if you told me that was a Khloe I would've asked you what drugs you were on.
wtf?? that looks like a mashup between chrissy teigen and kendall jenner
I have noticed she does resemble Kendall a bit. Even in old pictures. Like, someone, idk, maybe Kylie posted a pic of Khloe holding her as a baby and she looked a lot like Kendall. But this is just weird and creepy, she doesn't look like a real person.

Re: Khloe Kardashian


10 months ago

If any of the Kardashian’s ever got sick of doing their “job” they could totally just hire some random person with the vaguest resemblance and no one would notice bc they never have the same face twice.
omg i had to google other pics of khloe because i was so confused.

also i don't get the highlighter on boobs trend.
Thats a mash up of Jessica Alba and Ana de Armas, stop it.
Did she get something done on her cheekbones or just photoshop gone bad.
omg who tf is that
she doesn't even look like herself
Fandango Now just sent me an email with a bunch of titles for 0.99 to rent right now, including some newer movies.
I loved this week's episode of What We Do In The Shadows with my fav Colin Robinson [spoilers]draining people online by being a troll.


May 23 2020, 00:07:45 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 23 2020, 00:08:15 UTC

I laughed so hard at it actually being a huge troll, then again at colin draining it's energy.
I hate him so much omg, but this was a funny episode until he started to get trolled and then plot wist, it was an actual troll trolling him
I want nachos for dinner. I think we have the stuff. Hmm...
there are rumblings that my library might start renting out books/DVDs and oh man, I NEED me some Twin Peaks if they do

as long as they give me more than a week (the usual loan time for DVDs)
the day that my county shut down in March, I went to the library to return my books/DVDs and I decided to get some books/DVDs to last me until the library opened. I saw a Twin Peaks set so I thought that now would be a good time to AT LAST watch Twin Peaks. but when I got home I realized it wasn't the first season it was just the second half of the second season lmao fml
what a sad discovery :(

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