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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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My work bestie quit just before the pandemic and I really miss talking to him! I've initiated a few chats, but he rarely does unless it's to comment on an Instagram story. it sucks but I guess it's what I get because we're not fucking and he has like 5 other girls from Tinder in his life?
Sometimes I leave comments here either right before I go to bed or right when I wake up, so my memory of making them is pretty foggy. Ever so often they’re funny, but other times I sound insane lol.
I forget every comment I post on here as soon as I click "Post Comment."
What celebrities seem like they would be boring in bed?
kirk cameron for obvious reasons
I have no idea why Sam Worthington instantly popped into my head. Maybe an instinctive connection with the word "boring."
lmao Sam Worthington got namedropped in the book Satan Loves You and it seemed so random

title or description
rupert grint
henry cavill


10 months ago


10 months ago

crisp rat
tom cruise
the rock
Chris Evans


10 months ago

Brad Pitt
my roommate kept throwing away her floss in the toilet. it’s not biodegradable! I had to tell her to stop

she also doesn’t load dishes correctly. She starts from the front to the back.. and also puts small dishes in the bottom rack. Ugh
lol there are so many baby pics of me looking world weary and fed up. Like who looks this serious on a bouncy horse? And why did my mom do that to my hair 😩
title or description
don't worry if you're not smiling, you look like a porcelain doll! gorgeous bb

Deleted comment

i like that it looks like you're about to royal wave,lol
your little outfit is so cute!
it was probably made by my grandma! she made dresses for my brother before I was born
omgoodnesssssssss too cute!
I'm on the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode and the Iroh part always gets me. His character is so precious.
Do any of y'all see the stan accounts run by kids on twitter and get unreasonably frustrated?

When there is a "scandal" that involves their fave doing something shitty, I want to throw something bc of how defensive they are of them bc I know I cant and shouldnt engage w/ them the way I engage w/ adults. I got into it w/ a Gabbie Hanna (who?) stan after stupidly clicking on the #IStandWithGabbie hashtag that was trending.

I just feel like a fucking curmudgeon ...

all the stans telling people to stan nicki or melanie martinez instead of lana yesterday omg.... don’t stan ANY of them
its legitimately a cult
so my mom asked if i was interested going back to school and like, i kind of would, but idk what i would take. she did say she'd pitch in if i wanted to...

i have a communications degree and i've basically just worked as a project coordinator for newspapers since i graduated. i did all the behind-the-scenes shit to get advertising running smoothly in our print editions and i was starting to help out with design coordination and booking digital ad products, but besides going to an agency idk what to translate that into. plus, i don't have a portfolio or anything.

on one hand, i enjoyed my niche job but on the other hand who knows lol.
part of me was wondering if I should move across the country for school (on the pretense of actually moving there permanently), but now the pandemic has happened, schools are starting to say they will be distance-ed come the fall, etc.

so my life plans will be on hold for quite some time.
yeah, everything is just so up in the air right now. i actually lost my job before everything went to shit (last december) when the parent company decided to shut us down. i had severance pay through january so i just coasted by that month, but then things started getting serious in march and i didn't even bother applying for jobs all april.

so now idk, my province is slowly re-opening and i've had ppl tell me know is the time to apply to jobs, but i'm not sure what i want to do anymore, lol.


10 months ago


May 22 2020, 23:59:03 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 23:59:33 UTC

Someone spent a large part of today liking (almost) ALL of my Boardwalk Empire posts on Tumblr. I'm very pleased.
i'm ghostliking them now
It’s supposed to be rainy this weekend. I’m looking forward to binge reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires with the perfect ambience.
I’m starting that book tonight!
Finish all the graphics for a show we’re doing next week

Get told it’s the wrong color

I need to wash my makeup brushes this weekend and ugh I really don't wanna.
ugh this reminds me I used a brush for concealer weeks ago for a Zoom chat and I should probably clean it... but I haven't been wearing makeup anyways so
Same. Using bright pigments makes them so dirty but I’m lazzzzzzyyyyyy
i made a mcr fanny pack by gluing a patch i got for my birthday on it. don't tell hottopic y'all
[Spoiler (click to open)]
cuuute. i love fanny packs tbh. i still use the one i got in disneyland when i was a kid but i think i need to get a bigger one. i might customize it but idk with what.
i got this fanny pack for free! it's actually a state farm one, so my bf called it the "Jake, from MCR" fanny pack lol

put some cute patches for fandoms you're in on it!


10 months ago

yessss sell these!
cute! I just got a fanny pack myself just a couple days that I ordered online, vintage from the 80s
Love it!

Ugh now I'm regretting donating my fanny pack :(


10 months ago

I've had Outlander on in the background while I online shop/look at memes/generally do nothing and I'm kind of shocked at the following it has, the end of the first season had me beyond disgusted and uncomfortable
I've been watching it on Netflix since well, it's there, and demographically I'm sure I'm part of their target audience so why not, hot Scots, and it's so... boring? I'm not looking forward to the sexual violence but I was promised sexy consensual sex as well and 7 episodes in there's none of that save for the first episode!!! come on! idg the appeal if this hot guy is just going to be there occasionally offering advice and this poor time traveling woman goes through terrible shit
there is some hot consensual sex down the line but the violent sex is really hard to get though..well it was for me anyway. but I agree that the show is really boring otherwise!