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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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got a sore throat yesterday so i got tested for COVID.

it was umm awful. they had me do it myself which i thought was weird.
hated it. made me tearful.
what was involved?
i drove up, they asked for my appointment paperwork and id, then the lady came out with the test and handed it to me through the window.

the test had a nasal swab, tube and instructions.

i had to lift my head and insert the swab until it hit the back of my throat and then twist it and leave it for 15 secs. i had to do this with each nostril. then put the swab in this tube and handed it back to her.

the nurse (?) was watching me do it the whole time making sure i was doing it right. i'll get results in 3-5 days.

Omg! I hope it's negative.

And, OMG! How could they make you collect your own sample?!
Wtf first time I've heard people had to do it to themselves. Looks painful enough when the medical person does it I cant imagine being forced to do it.
I got a golden trout! Finally!! I have all the fish I can get now before June comes along. I'm so happy to not have to craft fish bait for a while lol

Deleted comment

I’m hyped for Megalo Box Season 2 coming late this year or early 2021 !!!! Can’t wait omg
My grandma was testing positive for COVID for over a month (she never had bad symptoms, but we were scared because she is 90 and it is super present in her nursing home) but today she tested negative! Her 91st birthday is Sunday and we're going to wave/talk through her window!
When you mean 'over a month', did they test her once a day? Ouch :/
It was once a week, I believe.


10 months ago

Great news that she tested negative!
so me and my friend are gonna hang out next week, we can’t get high bc her mum is driving (lmao lockdown is turning us into teens again istg) so we’re just gonna go get drunk on a field.... like we used to as teens omfg

yay friend though!!!
my 3 year old has recently gotten into star wars and he yells at us if we don't read the opening crawls for him. he made me rewind the other day to read it because i got distracted.

Re: Mindy Kaling's ex's gf?


May 22 2020, 23:53:51 UTC 10 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 23:55:07 UTC

oh fuck i read that wrong i’m upset now lmao
wait. MINDY IS BI??
haha, no.

the girl is/was dating B.J. novak
Yep definitely read that wrong
Totes read that as Mindy Kaling's had an ex GF.
I honestly read that and thought "Oh, ok, good for her." until I read it again
Lmao went from ‘damn her ex is a beauty!’ To ‘...oh missing a word there, who her ex is currently dating’ totally different reaction
lol bye @ us all thinking you said this is mindy's ex, i was shook
ok not her ex,, her ex' ex.

she's gorgeous
is that lilmixedhunny?
Lmfao why couldnt you just say bj Novak's gf
He's 40 yeah? She looks 20 something. Fantastic.
I could have sworn she got into some messes years ago. Also I could have sworn that they never went out, he just dm’d her to have sex here and there . Maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, she could and should do better.
Don't get our hopes like that, you know we can't read here!!
in the words of pornhub, who is she?
lol at you non reading typical ontd-ers. I knew she wasn't mindy's ex because she's clearly non white.

Granted I'm only on ep 10, but I really hate the guys (Ryô Shirogane and Keiichirô Akasaka) in charge of the Mew project. Like first they inject all/some of these 12/13 y/o girls with random animal DNA, that they did not ask for, and then they have them work at their cafe.

Minus that the show is super cute.
My brain betrayed me. Last night I thought I was having a sexy dream. Dream me was super into this dream guy and we kept making googly eyes at each other. Suddenly he barged in, got real close so you'd think it's about to get steamy, but then sat down on the couch, spread his legs, and unzipped his pants and motioned for a blowjob. Dream me was like wtf this isn't romantic get out of here.
I usually have to work on Saturday mornings but this week I don’t! I’m soooo happy. This weekend will fly by though, I need to try and appreciate every moment
do we need mod approval to make an ONTD original or can we just go wild?
Nope it's just like making a regular post. they read and accept + deny. The only time I wanted to clarify is when I was linking to my own blog for one part.
If you wanna run it past one then sure but if it's anything related to pop culture, we usually just accept if your sources are correct.
I’m being honored/awarded for academic achievement. who me? 😅
That's awesome?! Congrats bb!
Lol thank you! I didn’t believe it at first til I saw my name being on the list. I was like h-o-w? Lmao. Feels great tho! 🙌🏾

Deleted comment


10 months ago

congrats, bb!!


10 months ago