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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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sooooooooo I follow Skylar Astin on Insta and he seems so sweet and nice and cute but like... what's THE deal cause... I mean...
he's not well liked here but i don't remember why, i really don't care for him
lol oh wow, I didn't know that but it doesn't surprise me
ONTD hates every male lol

most of the time I don't even know why


1 week ago

i love skylar but he's VERY MUCH a theater kid so i think that bothers some ppl


1 week ago


1 week ago

i used to work with his younger brother in a restaurant. their entire family is VERY theatre kiddy and privileged, but were always very sweet. he never came in with his family and i was convinced never would, but then he finally did and his bro introduced us and he was very nice.


1 week ago

I've had no motivation to work out this week
making vegan sushi at home w/ homemade strawberry vegan frozen yogurt for dessert tonight to have while I rewatch Emma
that sounds so good, I miss sushi I should make some lol
at first i read this as you using the frozen yogurt to make the sushi and was so confused lol the reality sounds much better!
I've had a general food craving lately and I cannot figure out what it's for.
I just saw this commercial on TV again, it looks like it's from the 90s or something judging by the camera quality and the fact that she's using a paper map lol
I don't mind, I like old commercials, I just find it weird to be seeing it so much all of a sudden
Smoke alarms are the bane of my existence.
Those who wear makeup daily, do you think contouring is necessary?
not at all

I um... NEVER contour.

I DO use bronzer, but not in a defined contour-ish way. And I use high lighter. But I'm not trying to reshape my face, just add some dimension to my skin.
Same, but I also don't know how to contour, lol.

A coworker of mine goes to great lengths to do the contouring, and heavy makeup, every damn day. Like, you do you. But I would go insane with the amount she puts on. And it doesn't look attractive, imo. :x


1 week ago

No. I'm also Asian though and hate most western makeup on faces like mine lol.

If you like it go for it but it is a lot of work for daily makeup wear.
it’s not but i love doing it
I have never contoured. I'm super pale with pink undertones so I think I look ridiculous if I even use bronzer tbh
Not really? I have a round face so sometimes I take the extra steps to add some bronzer to my cheekbones and jawline, but it also feels so unnecessary. Highlight the features you love instead.
definitely not but now I think I do like contouring my nose lol nothing crazy tho


1 week ago

I've seen it really work out for some people but they still looked fine without it. More often I see people who go too far with it and look like they're starring in a stage production of Cats. I don't bother with it - I don't trust myself to do it well and also I don't find it *fun* like eyeshadow or lipstick or highlighter, you know? you can't play around with color when it comes to contouring, it's just another chore in your makeup routine like foundation or concealer or mascara
heavy, instagram/drag queen contour? absolutely not. but i do think blush and highlighter are subtle forms of contouring that are ok for daily use. you only should be heavily contouring if you are using a super full coverage foundation.
I had to submit a credit card dispute for a cancelled Stubhub event today and I'm already not feeling optimistic about it. adding them to the list of companies who will not be getting my business in the future.
aw man, I am sorry. :/
it sucks cause their solution is "here's a voucher for more tickets that you can use this year!" but I think I'm going to be steering clear of big events for a pretty long time :(

I'm gonna try to unread that.
the technology invested in men that can be fixed easily (for most men) while in comparison women are told that their vaginas are loose after having sex with more than one man or having children and need to fix it with kegel exercises or better, surgery...
So glad science is still wasting money and resources making sure dicks work
I wish I had someone to make out with during these times
Me tooooo sis
Me too 😭
Saaaaaame :( I miss making out

Deleted comment

People are absolutely hating on the eco set but I can't wait for it to come out so it can enhance my off the grid living. My sim is struggling to survive on a beach front while off the grid.

Deleted comment

does she has a SSD?

Deleted comment


1 week ago

Deleted comment

Honestly had no idea til now that it was Friday. And I'm working every day so have no excuse lol.

Deleted comment

Some basic bitch bee flew into my hair and I freaked out so it came back with a vengeance and fuckin stung me on my leg. It was a good thing I was wearing jeans so I was able to swat away the stinger part so I wouldn’t get that much venom. But it still hurt for about an hour afterwards.

That’s the third bee sting I’ve had in my life so far. I love honey but at what cost 😤
I'm glad it didn't sting you too badly!

I've only been stung once in my life. I stepped on a bee, like right on my instep, and got stung and that shit was awful for a solid week.
The first two times I was stung I was around ages 4 and 11 so I don’t exactly remember how long the pain lasted for but I do remember it hurting very, very badly. It’s not a fun experience for sure. I hope you don’t get stung a second time, otherwise that’s when you’re supposed to know if you’re allergic to the venom or not, or is that just a myth? I still don’t know lol
"They say white people don't have their own culture,"

*colonization and disease spreading have left the chat*