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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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I want a Winter Soldier-style mask to feel fabulously dangerous when I go outside.
I'm honestly surprised I don't see more gas masks. Scene was huge in the town I live in
I adore Jaboukie. He was so funny on the latest episode of Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott's new comedy central short
its insane the prices some of the stuff at todd snyder goes for. starting to believe this dude is a massive fraud.
In decluttering my room I found some walmart giftcards. But I rarely shop there, so lol I'm gonna see how much is on them and see if my dad will buy them off me.
I never find good shit when I declutter
I'm just happy that my habit of just shoving shit in drawers and forgetting about it has paid off for me now. Unexpected money!
I’m finding out soon if I’m being laid off and i get more anxious each day. I’m applying for jobs in the meantime but it’s such a mentally exhausting process.

Deleted comment

god I need more of them in my life during these times
The We Hate Movies guys.

Deleted comment

I have a friend going through an emotional time period but it's 99% because of the stress of everything and I don't know what to do to help her. She was freaking out because this guy (she's not dating) hasn't messaged her back today (just today) so now she's worried he's ghosted her and she's a worthless human being. This is super backed up by the fact that he turned her down when they first met. And I'm trying to get her out of the headset of needing his approval to prove herself (especially when it's literally been one day) but it's exhausting because she's the type of person to spiral if someone doesn't keep pushing her out of her chaotic head space.
From my experience - dating/'talk to people' during this pandemic is NOT beneficial to one's mental health at all. People assume everyone else is lonely/have more free time and try to make connections that lead nowhere.

Those that 'fall' for someone easily now have more time than ever to overthink everything. There's no normal routine to keep minds preoccupied. It's hard to figure out how anyone would feel under normal circumstances. There's a good chance people experience a loss of identity and in turn their self-worth/value.

We forget that the new people we meet have lives of their own and may be going through a lot of stress too. We need to remember to take care of ourselves first on our own. It is unfair/selfish to depend our happiness/fun/distraction/self-worth/purpose from others' time/energy (in pandemic or not).

I got caught up in this myself. My advice to your friend is to do some introspection (yeah it's vague but no one's happiness should ever be dependent on anyone other than themselves). I believe most people have the strength to figure out their emotions. It is going to be hard.

Also, make sure she doesn't read dating advice online EVER. It will only put her in a worst frame of mind. Instead suggest self-care and self reflection type consumption. She needs to remember who she is before this person occupied her thoughts and emotions.
Man I'm going to miss getting packages at my door. Can the apartment just make this a permanent thing lol. So much easier than making sure I get home before the office closes.
my complex recently upgraded to a luxer package room where we get texts with a door code whenever we get a package. it even has a refrigerator for fresh produce/meal prep boxes

it's sooo much more convenient than only being able to pick up packages during office hours

lana's most recent statement.............again shut those restylane flaps up before you get popped
She should've just said she blames the media or label that wants her to be sexy instead of her music and be done with it. All this because she couldn't keep people's names out of her mouth
she could have just said nothing! her last album was really well received!
she keeps digging omg
Is there a red dress she can wear somewhere and leave us alone?
How many “final notes” is she going to have?
omg lana


10 months ago

How more context and clarification..
My nose pores are clogged & gross. What products & home remedies do you guys recommend?

BHAs are your friend
I am going full Karen on an Amazon employee in a chat right now.

I waited around all day for some items, and out of nowhere i get an "undeliverable. Your items will be sent back and you will get a refund in 4-6 days."

So I called to ask why it was sent back, why it couldn't be delivered, why they won't try to redeliver, why I have to wait another few days to get it when I pay for Prime for 2 day shipping. Why all the hurdles, basically.

He says "Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you."

3 minutes later, he said "You havent said anything in a minute. Do you still need help with this issue?"

I replied "yeah you haven't done anything yet."

He comes back with "I can process a refund for you. Would you like me to do that?"

I said... that's what the website is already saying it's doing. I want to know why it's not being delivered, why I have to keep waiting, why this is the 2nd time this has happened even though I've had several Amazon packages delivered here before. I don't want to reorder it and see if this happens again.

He replies, "I don't know what to tell you."

I reminded him, ok, well I need this package today, I waited around for it all day, and now I have to reorder it to see if it might come.

He replies, "i just doin my job"

So I said, ok since you can't help me can I speak to someone else?

He replies "like who"

I said, "... it's your job. You find out who you escalate issues to. Why are you asking me this?"

He replies "Well you asked to talk to someone else."

I said "Ok...? So who do you normally transfer people to?"

"Ok I'll transfer you."

Now I'm talking to someone who said my address doesn't exist with USPS even though I get packages from Amazon several times a week for over a year. I don't even know what's going on now...
Holy shit. What terrible customer service
baby, getting angry and demanding better service if they're doing it wrong, is not being a karen
omg @ "like who"
So he transferred me to chat with a supervisor, and we got to the point where she said "I believe it's best if we contact USPS now. I can connect you over to our phone associates and they will contact USPS on your behalf while you are on the line."

So someone called me, talking to someone in Seattle, I read her the highlights of the chat and she's in utter disbelief how both of them treated me, and she's bewildered a supervisor would pawn the issue off to someone else to call USPS.. but she's working with me right now.
OMG R U MY ROOMMATE?! The same EXACT thing happened to her. She has spent a few hours on the phone trying to figure out WTF happened. WHY was the package "undeliverable", why was it being sent back? Turns out the Amazon vendor had failed to put the apartment number when they printed the address label. It seems weird to me that they would just send it all the way back instead of keeping it at the post office, and giving the person a chance to pick it up.
Exactly! Ended up chatting with a supervisor and she was no help and she had someone from Seattle call me.

That woman was so nice. I read her some of the chat and she gasped in disbelief. We came to the conclusion that since this was being delivered by USPS, sometimes they're really strict and since I'm staying at a friends for a few months, and my name isn't on the mailbox, some carriers won't leave mail.

which explains a lot since I never heard back about my food stamp application.


10 months ago

Deleted comment


10 months ago

I'm watching The Lovebirds at home. It's funny, but I should be in a theater right now! Friday night, new movie! That's how my life goes! I should be hating that stupid M&Ms ad and harshly shushing old people. D:

Oh well. At least this way I don't have to wear a bra.
the one silver lining to watching movies at home!
ONTD, do any of you shop at Urban Outfitters? is their sizing all over the place, or can I be one size regardless of what I'm buying?
it’s all over the place, but depends on what you wanna buy
I guess it doesn't help the only thing I ever got from there was a one size fits all top LOL
Its all different brands so sizing is all over.

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