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Free For All Friday

Make good choices this weekend & stay safe!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.
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i wore a disposable mask out yesterday to go to the doctor's office and like, no matter how much i tried to mold it to my face my glasses still fogged up. but they only fogged up on one side :(

a lot of ppl weren't wearing them even though the chief health officer recommended ppl do.

also living the no insurance life and meds that would have cost me like 12 bucks came out to be 41 bucks, ugh.
I got three from Veeshee that have the bendy metal bit to fit the nose, that should prevent fogging. also,
Every so often, I remember an ONTD comment from like 5 years ago - "What do I look like getting angry because someone said my city ain't shit?"

Finally, I got to say something similar to it on Twitter. "I may not like the city but I don't insult the people who live there!" the buildings will be fine, they're not going to crumble bc no one likes your shithole.

100% not getting anything done for these last 20 minutes
Ngl, that's how the last 20 minutes of every day at work is for me lmaoo just waiting around for the clock to strike
that was me at 1pm today and finally after 3 they said we could log off
yesterday my mom asked me “who is that singer that wears tutus and feathers, i think she’s finnish?”

lol i just posted this on another page

lmao bork. not even buh-jork?
I used to have a lot of dreams where I was supposed to be driving but couldn't control the car (or was in the back seat lol) or like, natural disaster ones with water and hadn't had any in forever but last night I had one where the waves just kept coming, and we'd get to higher ground then they'd submerge that building, etc. Do other peoples' dreams feel realistic? Mine never do, they always have some element that makes them feel very other worldly.
Mine usually don't feel realistic either but even when they are on the mundane side I usually behave in a way I wouldn't in real life, or a have an over- or underreaction to what's happening. Plus, my dream symbols are pretty literal sometimes, like a work-related stress dream wherein I wasn't allowed to stop dancing, or people continuously turning their backs to me.

For years I dreamt that I couldn’t control my car, too, but it was always just the brakes so I just couldn’t stop it? But recently they just stopped but then I dreamt about being stuck in a house with murderers a few times but luckily that has stopped, too, because it didn’t feel good

Do you think in late October they will allow tourists in? I booked a trip back in December before all of this happened and I'm trying to decide if I should wait it out and see or if I should cancel now.
cancel. my work is supposed to open again in october but nothing is certain. it’s better to be safe
wait...thats 5 months away
Yes it is. Idk if you're saying that like that's so far away or that's to early to travel. I want to wait it out and see but I also do get anxious sometimes and don't like waiting until the last minute to change plans.

Re: UK people


10 months ago

It feels like... pizza night
Mmmm pizza
I hate fatigue.
I only have 1 episode of Rome left, I'm over a decade late but mad that it got canceled and had to cram so much into the last few episodes!! also why did they have to recast Octavian, it did not help with my facial blindness problem lol. The new guy didn't even look much older than the original Octavian
1st season's Octavian was such a good actor. The 2nd season was so ugh.
yeah, they really were not shit for cancelling that show! I have to do a rewatch soon, haven't seen it in like a decade.
lol my dad still misses this show <3
I read somewhere that HBO regretted canceling it, but that show ate money. It was something like 1 million+ an episode.
i love the sentiment but i'm definitely gonna take it out on myself anyway
I've experienced a lot of internal growth during this pandemic. It's frustrating at the same time to make hard decisions when things are so uncertain. I feel like I have so much pent up energy but nothing to put it towards.
This is very relatable.
What is the most awkward social situation you’ve been in?

Every time I go to my one friend’s house for parties two of my exes are there bc they’re her husband’s friends (Don’t 20’s were wild). . One is cordial and the other seems to despise me. One time I was going inside and he was walking out the door and I went to say “hi” and the look of complete disgust on his face made me just say “oh” to him lol
idk if it the most awkward social situation i have been in but i completely ignored my ex best friend at another friends baby shower because we had a falling out a few months prior. he was secretly dating a girl that my other best friend had dated for over 4 years and almost proposed to. and i told him he needed to tell our friend because it wasn't cool to be hiding it. he got mad at me (this is an extremely simplified version of the story, there's like almost 15 years of drama in that throuple situation). at the baby shower we were all sat at the same table and i didn't even look at them and it was a proud moment for me at the time although in hindsight it was sorta stupid. i stand by my decision to stop being friends with them, though.
too many to choose from. but the one that was probably the most awkward on paper (but in reality was completely fine) was sleeping with my roommate and trying to keep it a secret from our other roommates. I don't think our secret got out, technically, but one of the other girls we lived with evidently was suuuuuper into the guy I was sleeping with and maybe detected some chemistry between me and him and straight up asked me and I was like yeah I did lol. at that point we were no longer hooking up and I was about to move out anyway so who cares?

anyway shortly after I moved out, that girl broke up with her longtime boyfriend and immediately got with the roommate. and they were together (off and on, from what I can tell from Facebook, and I have no clue how exclusive or official they ever were) for YEARS. he was such a douchebag (a lovable one, but a douchebag nonetheless) so I couldn't wrap my mind around how that worked out for them!
Way too many and I try to block them out of my memory or I wouldn't be able to keep going.

Deleted comment

I'm gonna go cut a slice of the no-bake key lime pie I made
I've been impulse buying waaaay too much this week.
I have too, it's ridiculous.
I'm legit embarrassed by how much I've spent the past couple of weeks.
you're stimulating the economy!
I just finished Blood and Water. What were those tight and tiny uniforms???