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Emma Mackey To Lead Cast As ‘Wuthering Heights’ Author Emily Brontë in Feature Film

Hot Cannes Package: Emma Mackey To Lead Cast As ‘Wuthering Heights’ Author Emily Bronte In Fresh-Faced Biopic From ‘Harry Potter’ Producer & Embankment

— Actress Frances O'Connor is making her directing debut on a film about the early life of Emily Bronte. She also writes the screenplay.

— Currently attached are Emma Mackey (Sex Education) as Emily Bronte, Joe Alwyn (The Favourite) as 'her conflicted lover' , Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) as Branwell Bronte and the incredible Emily Beecham as Charlotte Bronte (Daphne, Little Joe). No casting for Anne Bronte as yet.

— Looking to shoot in Yorkshire in Q1 (Spring) 2021. Currently selling at the Cannes Virtual Market.

From a self-penned script, O’Connor imagines the transformative, exhilarating, and uplifting journey to womanhood of a rebel and a misfit, one of the world’s most famous, enigmatic, and provocative writers who died too soon at the age of 30.


Seems they're giving it the "Becoming Jane" treatment in shoe-horning in a romance where evidence suggests there wasn't one. Joe Alwyn's character may be based on a gent who has been linked to all three sisters depending on which biography you read (but likely was involved with none of them).

Emily apparently was the most 'spirited' and non-conforming of the sisters and so is an excellent perspective but worried there is no Anne Bronte casting (forever overlooked and underrated!).

Check out Sally Wainwright's TV movie To Walk Invisible for an excellent perspective on the sisters, but the more the better!

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she is an...okay actress? it's odd because she's the lead and butterass is another lead in sex education but i'd say they're the weakest two actors and the least interesting characters lmao
but i see the side hustle of being taytays side piece paid off so mr swift is getting them roles left and right even with that face
I think that's often the fate of teen drama leads, though. They're kind of the center around which the other characters get to play a little more freely. Although in general Maeve as a trailer-trash, chain-smoking, chain-wearing, eyeliner-hoarding "bad girl with a heart of gold" does feel a little played out.
is Joe the go to love interest in every period movie now
The heir to the hiddlethrone in so many ways.
There's only so many bland as fuck British potato boys from RADA who can and will look good in breeches in what are basically shitty historical rom-coms that casting agents want to use apparently.
Joe, still?
yesssss at to walk invisible
NO 😠 I am not here for any prettifying of the Bronte sisters, esp. concerning romance, I will-

(also can Joe Alwyn stop sneaking his mediocrity into every. bloody. period. film.)
Give us a proper Yorkshire lass none of these English delicate rose nonsense.
Alreyt alreyt, I’ll do it.
But then a foreign audience wouldn't realize that she's a LADY if she doesn't sound like she swallowed a silver tea service.
To Walk Invisible is so good! A couple months ago I watched the French movie about the sisters with Isabelle Adjani and Isabelle Huppert and enjoyed it a lot too. It's honestly such a shame Isabelle Adjani never got to play Cathy in an adaptation of Wuthering Heights because she would've crushed it.
Ugh, Sally Wainwright is a genius. I'll be downloading To Walk Invisible immediately.
I don't know why I thought Joe Alwyn had retired or something
Living on Taylor's money is a long-con.
Joe's the literal definition of milquetoast.
i like emma a lot as an actress
Oh I like little Margot Robbie in Sex Education I’ll check this out

But Taylor Swift’s man is so boring to look at he’s not even ugly boring
I like Emma Mackey in Sex Education, but I also thought her accent sounded to posh for Maeve.
i thought the whole cast was going for super nondescript accents.
Well, the show takes place in the UK but is also very Americanized. So the stereotypical English accents could be on purpose.
Also, I learned a few weeks ago that Emma is French. One of her parents is British, but she was still born and raised in France. Maybe that's her go-to British accent.
#ONTDDoesntRead and I briefly thought either Joe or Fionn was playing Heathcliff, and I was about to scream because MY GOD NO MORE WHITE HEATHCLIFFS. But this sounds kinda interesting as is.
OP you need to unlock the post.

Also that pic should be resized, it's too big. Any pic bigger than 585x585 needs to be inside a cut.
Does it look better now? Was struggling with the new editor.
yes, thank you! Yeah the new editor is a pain in the ass. I think I could have unlocked the post but I was nervous that I would accidentally delete the whole thing lol.

The images are locked though - if you need an image hosting site you can use
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