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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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longlonglong12 i saw the doctor yesterday as per your advice and i got meds. he did a swap so i guess i'll get a call in a few days about the result, but he was pretty sure it was zoster. thank you!

it doesn't hurt today, which is good lol. it just looks pretty gnarly.
i've been off sm for a week and briefly broke the fast to post birthday wishes on a friend's timeline. i keep wanting to check ig and fb, but for what? the only reward is checking notifications and seeing random shit that i've missed and that's not enough for me.
I like being cut off from it because i start focusing on myself more.
People have some nerve trying to get out of paying a bill they can afford to pay just because they've done it before.
Has anyone tried the kegel weights? I bought some and am waiting for them to come in. Ever since I've had kids, I've been having trouble with leaking when I sneeze and read this would be a good solution to the problem.

Or if you've tried them to tighten your kitty, do you think it worked?
Have you asked your OB about pelvic floor therapy?
I don't have health insurance.


9 months ago


9 months ago


May 22 2020, 17:41:58 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:43:27 UTC

I'm SO filled with anxiety rn omg you guys!!

So my company reduced my hours to 23 per week and they're super strict about not working a minute over that and this week, we have a half day today for the holiday weekend. I didn't even think that would impact it because I was scheduled to be done by the time I'd regularly be off on a half day anyway so I was like w/e...but then we got an email telling us we had to subtract the half day from our already reduced hours so that put me at 19.5 hours max this week.

But just...LOL. They sent out a mass email yesterday at 12:15 pm to inform us that there was a change to THAT SAME DAY'S schedule and since I'm already on reduced fucking hours SCRAMBLING to do what I need to do and not even getting it all done as it is, I have to log on early, read all my emails, triage them and make a list of tasks i need to do and emails i need to respond to, and then go down the list. And if any emails come in during that time I'm going down the list, I put them at the bottom of the list unless it's a super urgent high importance thing that needs to be immediately dealt with. So I just didn't even have time to READ this email telling me that, haha, surprise bitch, you're supposed to sign off 45 minutes from now today (yes, they sent a mass email at 12:15 pm to tell me that my schedule was not 9-2 as I had started the day believing, but in fact 9-1 due to the modified holiday maximum work week of 19.5 hours) and no we didn't communicate this to you in advance or in any other way. So yeah, I missed that email and worked an extra hour yesterday. And then I see that because I FOLLOWED THE SCHEDULE THEY GAVE ME, I also worked an extra hour somewhere else in the week. So today I logged on and was forced to log off for the day after a whopping 30 minutes.

Actually screaming
So I watched the bon Appétit grilled cheese video and Molly is trying to pass off her sandwich as grilled cheese. And she had the audacity to line the SANDWICH in pickles. NASTY.
I thought it looked good, but it was more like a Cuban than a grilled cheese.
Loved the pickles idea. Delicious.
ugh Amiel's was also barely a grilled cheese! Like...sardines?? 😩
most of them were melts
Think it would be smart/stupid to book a Broadway show for September? Never seen a Broadway show but they're kind of cheap right now and I'd like to go.
Would you WANT to be in a packed theatre in September?

If yeah, I'd only book it with the expectation that I might lose the money.
If they cancel more shows, they'll rebook you

I just don't know what things are gonna be like in September. But I really really wanna see Moulin Rouge and the months after september the price doubles
if you can get your money back if it doesn't happen, then yeah why not. unless you would also be incurring additional expenses to do so and those would be too much of a pain in the ass to get a refund for as well
Did not intend to start and finish The Great yesterday so now I get to decide on a new show to watch. Think I'm gonna go with What We Do in the Shadows.

I will say quarantine has been great for me catching up on shows.
I love What We Do in the Shadows! It's been my go-to show in quarantine

It should be like that all the time. So cute!
awww i love
i wish people in my country were civilized enough they wouldn't just throw them on the floor and sit down
That's adorable!
But then I'd want to touch the one sitting next to me and who knows who before me had the same urge lol. No but its cute.
... where do I buy my own stuffed capybara?
that's better than the mannequins at that restaurant in the US
it's Friday and my work laptop decides to be super glitchy, fun
a sign to take it easy this afternoon imo
Yes, absolutely! it's like my laptop knows it's Friday too lol
I guess you should just go home!


9 months ago

so the sweet & spicy tofu was a big hit. and it keeps really well! So I'm making that for lunches + 알감자 조림 (korean braised potatoes) they are an all time favorites! and some kinpira gobo which is braised carrot and burdock, another favorite. I think the tofu, either the potatoes or burdock/carrot, some kind of green + some rice should be a good lunch that I won't have to heat up.
oh, do you have a recipe for the tofu? it sounds good!
oop its actually sweet and crunchy tofu! but its still good (and spicy if you add more gochujang like I do)

even tho its fried, bc of the sauce I find it doesnt get really soggy.
yum! invite me over, I'll teleport! haha


9 months ago


9 months ago


9 months ago


9 months ago

I decided to pop into animal crossing last night before I went to bed (at like midnight lmao) and caught a golden trout!!!!! Only one tho. Now all I’m missing is a koi

And this morning it was raining on my island so all the bugs were gone. There are a few butterflies I don’t have 😔
I caught a koi the other day and was so excited!! But no golden trout. I guess I need to log on later at night.
Yesterday I saw this big ass butterfly flapping around and caught it and it was a queen Alexandra birdsong

I’m wondering if it’s super rare (because it took me 22 days of playing every day in May to see it) or maybe I just don’t play much during the hours that it is available
It’s rare I think but I’ve gotten a bunch
Kois are in ponds. I catch them every now and then! What butterflies do you still need?
we had laksa for dinner and are gonna eat the leftovers for lunch, but i think the meds i'm on are messing with my gut because i had a stomach ache today. but, im going to eat it anyway because i can't turn down laksa lol


May 22 2020, 17:59:33 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 18:00:45 UTC

mm yum! do you have a recipe? sorry about your stomach troubles, though :/ I feel like I glossed over that part of the comment, just saw laksa!
haha it's okay.

my parents use a store bought paste they got from asia, but my mom cooks it in chicken broth and adds coconut milk. for toppings we put sliced boiled eggs, shredded chicken breast, cucumber slices, fishballs and shrimp. my parents like to add shrimp paste, but it's an acquired taste because it's so pungent.

i do want to try making my own paste, but i'm also very lazy lol.
someone on here rec'd me Quiz and it was so funny and entertaining and soothed my painful matthew macfadyen boner <3
might watch AGAIN
It's 85 degrees today. Last week it was snowing.

Remember when spring was a thing? That was nice. We should consider making that a thing again.
There really wasn't a spring here either. A lot of sunny, but cool days & now this week it's 88.
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