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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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Can't decide if I want to make peanut butter or toffee cookies.
I hope this is the whynotboth.gif


11 months ago

If this is why not both, I don't want to make a bunch at once! Got to space out things to expand the fun.


11 months ago

Peanut butter toffee.
there's a local artist that was asking for 5 bucks and he'd sing a song about your dog and he's gonna go on the kelly clarkson show on Wednesday and he said they're gonna feature the song he wrote about my dogs!
I love the song and I love your dogs. It's a bright spot on my insta feed every time
lol, that's very fucking adorable
you dog are gonna be famous!

they'll probably ask for toy and treats raise.
lmao, he really grew on me as a villain by the end of this season.
What is a movie you love BECAUSE of the score? What is a score that you love but hate the movie?
The Fountain, maybe, for the first? And maybe the not-that-great 2007 historical drama Amazing Grace, that's a fabulous score. And I don't hate it, but I definitely love the score of Beasts of the Southern Wild more than I do the movie.
The Fountain has an absolutely gorgeous score. I know it flopped at the box office but I honestly enjoyed it and loved it even more because of the music. The climax has the best track
Phantom Thread is my answer for your first question. The movie is so good but the score just takes it to a whole new level of good imo.
i don't know if i've ever loved a movie just because of the score but there have been films that have been elevated because of the score: the social network, a hidden life, jackie, moonlight, the lord of the rings series... just off the top of my head. but lbr these films were already close to being perfect to me.

films i would never watch again but still listen to the soundtrack: the hunger games, black swan (lbr it was all the classical music being incorporated into it) and technically not a score but i do listen to the garden state soundtrack regularly, it's just so good
For the second question the answer is DragonHeart. The score to that movie is amazing but the movie itself is not good.


11 months ago

I like the Kiera Knightly P&P in general, but I love the piano theme in it. I can have it on in the background just to hear it.
The soundtrack for the movie Closer. That movie is so full of unlikeable characters but the score is good.
Oblivion with Tom Cruise. It’s kinda boring but I love the score.


11 months ago


11 months ago

The Assassination of Jesse James.

Deleted comment

They removed it but holy crap I hope that was someone trolling. Otherwise...

Deleted comment

Ate lunch outside today, what a beautiful day <3
Someone from theme park YouTube finally made a video on one of my favorite Disneyland rides
I miss Disneyland so much. I haven't been in maybe like 5 years??? It's just so expensive nowadays.
I caved and got a flex pass at the beginning of this year (wishful thinking I know) but yeah everything is really expensive. Even parking has gotten more expensive
I remember going on the Roger Rabbit ride shortly after it opened. It broke down a few times while we were in line but we were determined to ride it. Lol
cyclists, I have a super dumb question. please help me, I'm stupid.

the grease I put on my bike chain is for dry conditions, does that mean I shouldn't ride my bike in the rain??
Not a cyclist, but found this;

You should always keep your drivetrain clean and lubricated with bike chain specific lubricants, and make sure your lubricants match the conditions you ride in. 99% of the time, this doesn't involve grease, just lubrication. For dry conditions, and dry or wax lubricant works very well, for wet conditions, use a wet lubricant designed for wet weather riding.
Thanks for looking into it 😊 I appreciate that!!


10 months ago

My boss is having an emergency heart catherization :( praying everything goes well

i barely know this woman and i hate her with every fiber of my being.
She is bat shit.
every word of that tweet (and every single one of this woman's tweets) made me cringe
i just cannot stand her
If she fell and broke something I wouldn’t be mad
I cannot get myself in the mood to eat today. I think I'm too nervous. but I made myself a really big smoothie and I will eat smth soon.
today i found out that when i first started work, i was known collectively by most of department as "the new girl with the great arse", and apparently it was widespread enough that the nickname spread to other departments.

not... really sure how to take that information tbh. like i do have a great ass, its true but.. damn, didn't think it was my distinguishing feature lmao.
Congrats on the nice ass!
My friend and I are finally working on the same day! I haven't seen her in person since March ☺ she has a baby bump now 😲

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. <3 The fancy belated b-day dinner we had last night was sooooo good! My husband went to pick up the food at the specified time, and the restaurant had everything packaged into its own little containers, still warm and well labeled. I set the table while he was out getting the food, and when he got back, we plated everything, poured the wine and ate. Definitely not an everyday thing, but it was perfect for a special occasion.

The menu + a review, if you like food porn [Spoiler (click to open)]
Local Kanpachi Crudo / Radish / Citrus Kosho Buttermilk / Garden Nasturtium Petals
Charred Avocado Salad / Garden Greens / Pistachio Vinaigrette / Shaved Vegetables
Black Barley Risotto / Black Garlic / Fiscalini cheese
Kali Rosemary Buns / Corto Olive Oil
Coleman Farms Sugar Snap Peas / Mint / Almonds
Weiser Farms Fingerling Potatoes
Caramelized Local Black Cod
Dry Aged Flannery Beef Ribeye Steak
Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta, Pudwill Farms Berries and Strauss Dair

With the exception of the charred avocado salad, which we both hated, everything was fantastic!! My faves were the kanpachi crudo, the cod, and the wine (Band of Vinters Cabernet). If I'm drinking wine, I usually just pick a cab with a cute label under $20, but this was so good I am considering ordering more online. Definitely a highlight meal of quarantine.

After dinner, we watched a couple of episodes of Mr. Robot. We have one episode left in Season 1 [Spoiler (click to open)] and while I initially liked it a lot, I feel like it's leaning too hard into some very obvious influences (Fight Club and American Psycho in particular) and cheating some of the practical elements of the realities it is presenting in a way that's making me annoyed. I don't mind an unreliable narrator at all, but don't show us an imaginary person going to meet with a real character just to throw us off track. Still curious to see where they go in the S1 finale. A couple of you guys warned me that the show is a rough road at times than ends in a satisfactory fashion, and I appreciate that warning!
Happy belated birthday!
that sounds deliiiish
happy belated birthday!!
Happy belated birthday bb!
aww happy belated bday!!! <3
I hope Eid is tomorrow. I should get cooking today
i was supposed to be at my friend's for eid tomorrow and on sunday and i'm sad it's not going to happen :(

Deleted comment

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