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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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Looking forward to watching The Lovebirds this weekend, it looks pretty funny. And we love an 87-minute runtime. <3
We LOVE an 87 minute runtime so much more than a 130 minute runtime
I love my terrible cat who is softly snoring behind the couch

And I'm happy Tuca and Bertie got picked up!
amazon had lysol wipes but for some reason it wouldnt let me get past what address I wanted it to be delivered to :( so pissed.

But I was able to get 2 spray bottles so better than nothing
LOL I've been finding all that stuff in the store.

Fuck Amazon.
That's lucky.I haven't been able to find anything in stores for a while.


9 months ago


9 months ago


May 22 2020, 17:51:00 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:51:29 UTC

Lucky. I haven't seen a single lysol product since early march in any store.

target app isn't helpful cause it always says unavailable. It's too far for me to go every day in the hopes of catching it (if they even have it)


9 months ago

My local Dollar Tree had Clorox wipes in the smaller containers a couple of days ago. They were behind the register. They had the containers and the hand wipes. The limit was 4 per person. I was shocked.


9 months ago

Woke up 20 minutes agoooo, it's 1 pm so for breakfast I'm drinking a beer and eating cookie butter.

I'm going to go outside and tan before I have to help get a boat out but I'm trading my services for use of my neighbor's golf cart. it's really nice being the youngest person in neighborhood of old people tbh


May 22 2020, 18:35:06 UTC 9 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 18:35:34 UTC

ugh god that sounds amazing. Also lol you sound like my sister. I could see her day going similar to yours (though she'd probably wake up a bit earlier but still drink that beer).
for a split second I was like wait? am I your sister but my sister would never say I wake up early lmao
All I've been doing at the office today is scanning old files and I'm so done with busywork, my god.

At least I had 4 episodes of WHM to listen to 'cause I waited until today to listen to all the stuff they released this week. I managed to block out most of POTC: At World's End until now. Man what a shitty movie.
It is soul-suckingly long. D: And as I posted on the subreddit, they had to include a moviegoer FAQ sheet in the DVD because it's just THAT convoluted. lmao.
is that cupping done in a spirit of appreciation for the sport or what?
Imma say what.
The real question is why the wrestler chose briefs that leave his cakes on display? I'm not mad at it.. Just curious.


9 months ago


9 months ago

my inbox is a disaster right now. I usually try to not have more than 20 emails floating around in there but right now it's at 43, down from 72 yesterday!
I'm in crisis.
Netflix: 🤡 hello ZAZIE our top picks for you is Kevin James' new comedy, Kevin Hart's new comedy and this movie that used to be on TV a lot in 1994 🤡

Mubi library: 😎 hey girl wanna watch some ida lupino? wanna watch night of the hunter?some georgian cinema? yeah i know you do 😎
Night of the Hunter!! <33 Maybe go with that over the clowns!
WOW what have you done to wrong Netflix recently?!
netflix is an idiot who pays no attention to me or the shit i put in my favs. it's algorithm is just a drunk driver somewhere in denmark


9 months ago

Are they converting to All Kevin, All the Time? Is the movie Home Alone or starring Kevin Costner? There are so many Kevin Costner movies it could be...

Deleted comment

I've upped my level of isolation so I can go stay with family in the country next week. Testing out their internet capacity w/ a zoom call later this afternoon. Wish me luck!
Will the coronavirus pandemic be the defining moment for Gen Z in the same way 9/11 defined Millennials?
yep. we're still at the beginning of the shitshow. we don't even have a cure and when we do, then comes the bill. zoomers are fuucked.

and we were already fucked. just plenty of misery to go around
I think coronavirus is defining us Millennials as well. Here some of us are major turning points in our lives (end of our 20's, early 30's) when we're finally supposed to be maybe getting our shits together and then this fucking happens and we have to pick ourselves up when it's all over. This is tough as shit for our generation :(
Mte. We’ve been through 2 much 😭
Graduated into the great recession, never found our feet, got them taken out from under us again due to covid. Whew. If Gen Z didn't have climate change to deal with, I'd say they might be better off than us.
I'd also say it's a Millenial thing as well - we had to live through the 2008 recession and now this. Everytime this generation has had stability under its feet economically the rug has been pulled out underneath.
Does anyone have any good resources on transitioning careers-- in general, or specifically leaving the retail field?
When I left retail I transitioned to education, then found my way back to retail (but work at the corporate level).

If you need help I can help with your resume? A lot of what you’re doing has a high chance of transferring to other careers.

Additionally, my mentor had told me when we first met to never accept the same/less money wise unless it’s a lateral position or you’re going into a new career. Idk if that’s still true since that was in 2015, and I’ve always personally made more with the two jobs I had after I worked with her.

Also, Dan Clay’s book on resumes is a great resource and like $10
It's not for me, it's for my husband. He's worked in retail for 15+ years and is now an assistant manager. The gag is he was getting a BA in secondary ed, but decided he didn't want to teach anymore, so he has a BA in ~general studies now.

I'll check out that resume book---ty!
jersey is now limiting outdoor gatherings to 25 people. i think thats a little too high rn. especially because you just know people wont follow masks and distance guidelines.
Yea def too high.
Wow ok so I now hate my coworker with a passion.
its good to have a mortal enemy
Like he high-key just mocked me. I hate him.


9 months ago


9 months ago


9 months ago

I finished the first season of Better Call Saul!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
It's killing me how Jimmy watched Matlock and copied his look to better schmooze the seniors. XD I hope he doesn't wind up screwing over all of those cute old people, now that he's "breaking bad" again.

I'm confused about his relationship with Kim. Are they just friends, or is she his ex? She kissed him in that bar-exam flashback, but he looked kind of surprised. They have an intense familiarity but it doesn't feel romantic. I mean, it's obvious he loves her, though, so, I DON'T KNOW.

I'm liking Mike's origin stories. I'm really looking forward to the arrival of Gus. I can see why Mike was very content working for him.

I am wondering just how many years this show will cover? I know that the 6th season is the last. I also know that Walt and Jesse are going to make an appearance, so is the show going to cover some of the same ground as BB, but from Jimmy's perspective? Is it doing that already in season five?! I haven't researched this, because I'm trying to avoid spoilers.
wish my apt bldg had bike storage so i wouldn't have to keep my bike in my apt. also i really wanna go for a ride but it's such a pain in the ass to bring it up and down. plus the whole wearing a mask thing. my glasses are always fogging up :(
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