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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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UGH this man that lives in my building is kind of creepy. A few weeks ago, he saw me outside and was like, "Hey hi hey your neighbor is weird, are you girls having any problems with him, he's kind of SKETCHY." And it's like, my neighbor literally does nothing BUT NOW YOU ARE WEIRDING ME OUT, how do you even know which unit I live in?! Then yesterday, he saw me outside and said he'd seen me at my place of work before, and he was just unabashedly looking me up and down (hopefully just because I was dressed weird, but men, UGH) and I was like teeheheee and ran the fuck away.

This is not my first creepy neighbor, but I watch too much true crime and don't need this shit!
Oh yuck, creepy neighbours are the worst! Definitely keep your eye on that dude.
at my last place there was a guy who lived on my street who was clearly mentally handicapped in some way, and he would sort of wander the block talking to himself. he had a very distinctive, very low voice that would travel really far and I lived right next to an alley that he would hang out in... one time I had my window open playing music and I could hear him but then I realized that he was talking to ME from outside. it wasn't like threatening, but he was sort of humming along to the music and then I stopped it to make sure I was hearing correctly and he started saying hello to me and telling me it was ok and I just kind of froze and went into another room since it was so unnerving... like if he had said hello to me on the street or w/e I probably would have just kind of nodded and kept walking but I was inside my own home!! I didn't ask for this!
EWWW! NO! An open window is not an invitation for conversation! WTF. (I was worried that this story would end with him masturbating in front of your window, though, since that happened to someone in my old neighborhood...)
I'd forgotten about Star Trek: Into Darkness but wow again @ them casting Butawhiteguy Can'tbeKhan
That movie...ugh. I love the rest of the cast, and the first movie will always have a special place in my moldy heart, but the sequels are just not good. All I remember about Cumberlizard's Khan is him crying in the shower.
totally! the first movie is delightful so I enjoyed the others based purely on its nostalgia.

I remember nothing about Into Darkness. I might have to dig out my DVD.
Ugh. I like the first one and Beyond but I try to forget that one exists.


May 22 2020, 18:12:44 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 18:16:45 UTC

That movie's enjoyable if I can pretend Cantbekhan is actually still just a dude named John Harrison but God it still infuriates me to this day. The only good to come out of it was the fandom coming together to shit on the casting and bringing about some of the best humour and meta I'd ever seen in a fandom.
i bought this really pretty room divider to put behind my loveseat but it arrived yesterday and i'm not totally enthused on that arrangement. i gotta figure out a good place to put it. i may set it to block my cat's litterbox.

may have to do a lot of rearranging this weekend lol. i got my bookcase delivered but i haven't had time to set it up yet. i DEFINITELY need to clean up my apt, esp my closets. i have so many boxes, and winter clothes still out.
Woke up this morning to Suga's new vid. Once again I was confused but the visuals were nice and I think I like the song. I'll have to listen again when I get off work.
I'm meeting my closest friends tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to having to be too self-conscious about our interactions. The one hosting, Friend 1, had a jealousy fit two months ago because Friend 2 and I are close to each other (Friend 1 was the one who introduced us). She told me I sucked up to Friend 2 and that she didn't want to meet us together. It seems like quarantine made her get over it, but I know I'm going to be anxious of how I act and I don't want to trigger another unwarranted fit from Friend 1.

Also, Friend 1's best friend who doesn't like me for some reason will be there too. Thank God I have a birthday celebration later so I'll only have to be in that awkward situation for 2 hours max.
we got official notice that they're gonna be furloughing us. not sure for how many days a week or for how long. I wanted to buy myself these too :(
oh no, i’m so sorry :(
I'm sorry, bb.
Oh no I’m so sorry bb :(
i'm so sorry!
ugh i'm sorry :(
I'm so sorry :(
I'm sorry.

(whispers in your ear: get the shoes anyway, you deserve a treat)
i should they're on sale!!!


11 months ago

I'm sorry bb :(
Those shoes also caught my eye last week---I think you should get them as a treat <3
Sorry bb!
I’m so sorry. :(
i'm sorry bb
Nooooo :(

Get the shoes tbh I know one pair of goes isn’t going to affect your bottom line you little saver
I started the new Hunger Games book last night interested to see how the Capitol evolves from what we see at the beginning to how it is in the original books.
How is it so far? I wanted to get it
It’s a lot of info dumping right at the beginning since it’s only a few years after the war plus the writing was a little, I dunno, off but I’m only I think three chapters in and it already feels better.
Oooh how is it? I'm really curious but have enough books to read lol


11 months ago

After spending hours on the phone w/ Apple, we finally figured out that I bought the wrong dongle for my pro. Gunna return the ones I bought and got a new one which ended up being cheaper. Yay!
What exactly is he running on?
This has been his plan the entire time and the majority of Dems were dumb enough to choose him.


May 22 2020, 17:26:36 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:27:33 UTC

Many countries with universal health care still make you pay for insurance they just make it mandatory to be on the public option if you don't have a company plan.
i can't even watch that whole thing. i hate him
I really hate that I'm going to vote for him.
ugh need coffee
me too, you just reminded me that i should make some lol
This sounds super ungrateful I'm aware but my mom dropped off takeout for me bc she went and got some for herself and while it was very thoughtful, I was going to get food for myself later and was looking forward to being able to put on actual clothes, now I don't have a reason to leave and will not go out just to go.
I hear you. I'd feel pretty conflicted about it if I were struggling, mental-health wise, and someone inadvertently took away a coping mechanism.
Are you still looking for puzzles? has some! It's a bit delayed in their shipping but they have some!

You can get 10 dollars off if you buy 35 dollars worth of puzzles with the above link since I bought one (That's basically 2 puzzles).
This dumb woman I follow on insta explained that she will no longer be wearing masks because she doesn't like how it makes her lips feel dry (cause that's totally worse than spreading a virus). Then her next story was of her taking her whole ass family to the grocery store. I think it's time to unfollow.

Deleted comment

Kittens tend to bite and scratch, which is annoying but they do generally grow out of it. I'd continue to replace your hands/feet with toys as much as possible, and it helps it be less painful if you trim their claws! I'd start out with densitizing your kitten until they're used to having their feet touched (and reward them with treats), then try to do trim them (1-2 a time at first) when they're chilled out and napping. Don't keep going if they resist, just try again another time.

The glasses pawing is annoying, but sounds like something a cat would do lol. I'd just take him off your chest everytime he does it until he hopefully learns his lesson.

I keep my litterboxes in the most inconvenient places for me rn, it's so annoying. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment rn and there are two on both sides of my desk because she'll have accidents otherwise........not all cats are like this, she just recently had a negative experience with a UTI which puts us in a bad spot because otherwise she'll target the carpet :(. She's 11 years old and a picky lil asshole.

You can try out a few different spots, but if the bin works for you and your cat I'd keep it there. Putting it near laundry (if relevant) or in hidden corners will sometimes make your cat pee elsewhere because they unfortunately like their litter box in higher-traffic areas and/or get startled by loud noises. But you can honestly experiment and see what works best.
Okay so kittens are tiny fuzzy razors if having a second kitten isn’t an option, make sure he has plenty of stuff to bite and kick and scratch that aren’t you and if he goes for your hands, replace your hand with a toy. It only hurts a little bit now but will hurt a lot when he’s like 12 lbs.

I keep the litter in a front closet. I have a litter robot now so it’s better but I previously lived in a one bedroom and had it in the living room, it was the worst but having a covered litter box helped. Before that I lived in a bachelor but it had a little nook away from the rest of the house where I put the boxes.

He probably just likes your eyes because they move and he’ll get over. Also he is very cute and I love a little tabby
I need people to hurry up on this turnip exchange
I have so many turnips to offload
turnip exchange can be such a nightmare lol. i always go thursdays bc thats when ppl get big spikes in the price. did a lotta waiting yesterday
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