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ONTD Roundup

For Thursday, may 21, 2020;

ONTD Roundup:
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my body has betrayed me once again
my period had to fucking show up
Mine's on it's way any minute now too. I'm sure I'll get it the same day I get called back to work lololol. Life is cruel.
At doctor to find out about surgery.

I just want to be in a little less pain than typically.

My leg hurts so much.

I'm terrified of surgery. But it's the best route.

Deleted comment

Good luck sis!
Good luck bb!
also now I gotta dig out my jeans... I've been living in my sweatpants


May 22 2020, 17:09:05 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:11:17 UTC

I'm having such a frustrating day @ work today and people are not being helpful they're just being condescending and dumping assignments on me like crazy and it's just too much. I can genuinely feel my blood pressure rising. It's like, I can tell everyone is annoyed with everything because we're all ridiculously over-worked and stressed while working completely alone from our homes. And I'm trying to be nice but people just are not helpful they're so genuinely not, especially the older white men!!!

On a positive note I have another interview today, luckily a phone one and not on ZOOM this time haha. I think I'll be a lot less awkward haha.
Good luck bb!
Hate that I relate to this so much.

Hang in there. 💕
good luck with your interview bb!
good luck on the interview!
Good luck on your interview!
Use how stressful work has been in the interview to show how much you can fucking handle even when it is thrown at you at the last minute. You can fucking work on your toes and that's awesome.


May 22 2020, 17:09:16 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:10:31 UTC

I love ska covers of songs

Skatune network is so good. Can’t believe I went like 2 years without listening to music regularly
people that tell me they hate ska make me really question if they just hate fun and happy music. ska is always a blast.
Right? I’m getting back into it now because I saw the PPG cover on STN’s tiktok and it really helped lift my stay in place mood, honestly.

What are your favorite ska bands/songs? I’m welcome to recs!
I was about to tag you in a comment and then was like 'oh it's probs her that posted it'


11 months ago

upbeat fun ska was so much of my teen years
my fav is still

Happy Friday!!!

To those of us waiting to get off work for the three day weekend, not long now!!!

My boss emailed us last night saying he's taking today off too. COOL. HOW NICE FOR YOU
I am so unfocused right now.
i ended up taking tuesday off too for a 4 day weekend! i am so excite
You are a fucking ray of sunshine! Thank you. :)
And the happiest of Fridays to you!!
i took today off and it's been so magical
I still can't believe Hollywood got away with casting a Chinese actress as the main character in Memoirs of a Geisha.
Well it's one step up from a white woman in yellow face?
that book was written by a white man so nothing about it being legitimate is very on brand
I know, Mineko Iwesaki had the real deal book. But it's still fucked up that they deliberately picked a non-Japanese actress.
This truly was a different time (and it wasn't long ago at all), I think the only real backlash happened in Japan.


11 months ago

Maybe it’s Mandela effect at play but I’m reading the movie’s wiki page and I don’t think I remember any of controversy that came with the movie. And I also don’t remember the movie receiving mixed reviews in North America. I thought the movie was universally acclaimed.


11 months ago

I think at that point in society we were still in the "well, close enough!" phase. Which, hoo boy.
there was a lot wrong with that movie


11 months ago

im weak
i have therapy today and i don't feel like going lol

sometimes i feel ready for a session and sometimes i'm like.. idk what to talk about today
I made a post and i have no idea if it got posted because of an error :o
Everyone vote in THE POLL and join the Netflix party this weekend! But vote either way, because friends don't let friends watch Julie & Julia!!

(I stan the OP forever of course)
Doesn't let me vote


11 months ago

idk if i'll be able to join or not but i voted bc julie & julia..? y'all serious??
i voted already, and it looks like tmrw is winning so i may actually join in. idk depends on what wins and when.
reading that John Krasinski post.

As if yall wouldnt take the money if it was being offered.
what a silly argument.
yes but i make less than 100k a year while he makes 3.3 million.
I feel like I've done nothing but cry this week. I'm so stressed about finding some kind of new work because I just can't go back to Uber driving. It's too fucking risky. Masks only offer so much protection, being in a small enclosed space with a stranger is a huge risk factor. I just don't know what to do cause who tf is hiring right now? I am doing my best to keep faith that I will figure out something else.
Could you try food delivery? I know a lot of places are hiring for that.
Maybe but I want to get away from Uber altogether. Before this virus it didn't bother me but this was always supposed to be a stop gap job and I feel like this virus is pushing me to find something else.
<3 I'm sorry. I totally understand how you feel
can you rig up one of those setups where the front of the car is completely separated from the back with plastic or w/e? I'm not an epidemiologist but that seems like it could be pretty safe for you if you can manage it, although idk what Uber's protocol is about sanitizing the back between passengers or w/e, seems like it could be a huge hassle
What is with Elomi making nothing but side support bras lately?

Related: does anyone know of a bra that's similar to the Elomi Bijou model? Tired of only being able to buy those bras in black or light tan.


May 22 2020, 17:11:07 UTC 11 months ago Edited:  May 22 2020, 17:13:05 UTC

Watching Antonement. Will I regret this? This little girl is annoying me already.

Oh God Benedict Cumberbatch just showed up. I did not know I'd have to see his face.
It's worth it, I promise.
It’s a really good movie, power through it bb!
It’s absolutely worth it
It's a really great movie. The music is gorgeous
I ADORE that movie. and hdu Saoirse remains a queen
you might regret it a little because it will give you feelings
It's very good!!
Just watch it for McAvoy.
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